Cherry Red Exclusive: A Few Q’s With Gianna Love

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We are stoked to feature a brief Q&A with Gianna Love aka: “G-Love,” who is a beautiful new spanking model whom you can find getting her bodacious bottom lit up to a glowing hottttt hue of sizzling cherryredness, exclusively on Punished Brats. I find the scenes where Ms. Julie Simone goes to town on G-Love’s bottom, armed with a super-sized hairbrush, especially pulse-poundingly hot.

We also asked P-Brats head-honcho David Pierson how the Gianna shoots went and what it was like working with G-Love: “Just the dark comedy nature of it. Surprised the fuck outta me. And Gianna is very cute and resilient. . . A total pro.” 

Thank you Gianna for taking the time for a brief cherryred chat. So can you tell us how you got started in this business, and shooting with Punished Brats ?

gianna loveI started in this business at the age of 18 with just regular modeling and then just this past year alone delved into the fetish industry much more.

And I got started working for Punished Brats after they contacted me to do a spanking shoot — and I jumped at the chance to work with them, and it’s been history ever since lol.

Have you had a lifelong interest in the spanking fetish?

I wouldn’t say lifelong per say but definitely was fascinated with bondage at a young age including spanking.

I think mainly what sparked my fascination was seeing pictures on the internet and seeing different videos. From there I became intrigued and wanted to know more and try it myself.

If you could describe the spanking fetish in just a couple of words, what would they be?

Adrenaline rush.  Hot.  A thirst for more.

Are you as naughty in real-life as you are on Punished Brats ?

Oh yes!! lol but you would have to meet me to be able to find out haha.

gianna punishedbrats spanked

Julie Simone’s paddle-style hairbrush looked very large! and your bottom piping hot and cherry red….hotness. What was going through your mind as you squirmed and bucked, quite deliciously, I might add, over Julie Simone’s seasoned lap?

Oh that hairbrush is most definitely big lol. What usually just goes through my mind is concentrating on being turned on — and mixing the pain with it, and just to take it all. I very much enjoy pain though, and enjoyed being over Julie’s lap too much, that I would never complain about it.

How red, hot and sore was your bottom the next day?

It was def sore, bruised, and red but well worth it 🙂 Marks mean you had a great shoot I always say lol.

gianna love spanked otk

Also I really liked how she spanked you, with you sort of, well, errm, what is the word, spread out over her knees, so to speak….embarrassing I’m sure?

It was def a little embarrassing — but the shot turned out hot so I can’t complain.

And I’ve seen some tasty Punished Brats pix of you over David’s lap as well. [Pictured below].  What was that shoot like?

That shoot was def a lot of fun 🙂 always love working with David. He is awesome and def knows how to give a good spanking!!

gianna spanked

Will we be seeing more of you at P-Brats? I certainly hope yes!

Of course, as long as David at Punished Brats will have me : )

Are there specific spanking-related fantasies and scenarios that really get your motor running, if I may ask? and/or scenarios that you’d really like to shoot in the future?

For me I have one certain fantasy/scenario and that is of two male Dom’s taking turns whipping, caning, spanking me for a video — I think that would be hot!

And of course I would love to work with another female mistress for PB again too. Or male, whichever, I am not picky lol. And of course PB always comes up with good story lines so I am ready for the next shoot! bring it on! haha 🙂

Sounds great! Thank you Gianna, and keep up the cherryredtastic work !

All photos courtesy of Punished Brats.


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  1. Gianna is a little cutie girl at Punished Brats a great site and excellent value ,lovely girls spanked ,new vids added every week a great archive that members get ,highly recommended chums ,best from ,Tim.

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