A Visual Guide to the Implements of Chelsea Pfeiffer

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As a long-time lover of the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer of Good Spanking fame, I’ve also always admired her plethora of paddles and various bun blazing tools of the tushy tanning trade.  So I threw together a little visual graphic of some of her implements, and asked Chelsea to describe them, cherry-redtastically speaking.

1 – Miss Kitty’s Exotic Paddles (purchased at a vendor fair at the Dallas All-State spanking party a couple of years ago.

2 – Sent to me by the the maker of Paddle Master Pro as a courtesy to help advertise his products. They’re very good! I don’t know if he’s still in business, however.

3 – It’s just a bath brush that I bought at the Bed, Bath and Beyond retail store a long time ago.

4 – Another paddle that was given to me by the maker to advertise their wares. They are also no longer making paddles, which is a shame because I had a black one, too, that I’ve lost and would love to have replaced.

5 – Honestly, don’t recall how I came upon this one. It’s a stinger, though. It’s the same paddle pictured in #9.

6 – Why Mr. Dave, you sent me that big bad boy! Starry was the first woman ever to choose it, brave girl. [Editorial Note: Forgot about that custom Cherrry Red Report paddle! It’s made by Cane-iac.]

7 – My favorite strap, purchased at a Shadow Lane party vendor fair. The maker is London Tanners.

8 – My “thwacker,” another favorite, but only for the hearty few. It’s a palm frond that’s been sanded down and shellacked. It was sent to me at my PO Box anonymously. Thanks whoever you are! I had it for years before anyone took it seriously. It was like, “Really? Are you kidding”? Then, suddenly I had a lot of girls who wanted to try it out. I believe Ariel X was the first.

9 – Refer to number 5.


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