Exclusive! Behind the Scenes with Spanking Star Christy Cutie

christy cutie spanking star
Image courtesy of Assume the Position Studios.

We are stoked to feature a special bloggystyle post on the amazing spanking starlet Christy Cutie, with Ms. Cutie providing the behind-the-scenes scoop on 10 different pix from various producers of the red ass variety.

Christy is a self-described born spanko with an unstoppable penchant for provoking seasoned Tops to tan her bodacious bottom to glowing hot hues of cherry red hotness.

In a nutshell, Christy has one tough tush. And she also has a blog which you can find Here.  And many thanks to Christy for taking the time to participate in this fanny-flaming  feature.

1. Over Clare Fonda’s knee on Spanked Call Girls, also available via the Clare Pass

clare fonda spankedcallgirls christycutie

Spanked Call Girls is one of the first big spanking sites that I ever shot for. I was soooo ridiculously excited to be shooting for one of Clare Fonda’s awesome websites! And I was even more excited to be shooting with Clare Fonda herself. . .

In fact, this scene was one of Clare’s last spanking shoots EVER! I was honored to be a part of it, working alongside Clare and Sarah Gregory.

We had tons of fun this day! It was a bittersweet adventure mixed with beginning and ends, but mostly, it was a day with Sarah’s and my bottom ends getting spanked.

2. The Tale of the Broken Hairbrush

spanked call girls christy cutie
Spanked Call Girls is also available via the better valued Clare Pass

Anyways, like I said before, I was really excited to be modeling for such a big site as Spanked Call Girls, but I was also really nervous—I didn’t know what to expect. Would I be good enough to work with all of the veteran spanking models? Would people like me? In short, I was nervous about almost everything, everything EXCEPT the spanking itself.

You see, I pride myself on having a tough little bottom. I often brat and brag to Spankers, saying that they can spank me as hard and as long as they can, I have a high pain tolerance, and they won’t hurt me at all with their sissy, light spankings.

In retrospect, this might not have been the wisest thing to say to my Spanker in this Spanked Call Girls scene! The Cameraman took my bratty challenge to heart, and beat my naughty bottom so hard that I actually cried real tears from start to finish! Not to mention the fact that the Cameraman only stopped this very ouchy spanking once his mean ol’ hairbrush split in half across my poor, red backside!

I was stunned! And I’ll tell ya one thing, never provoke your Spanker!…Well, unless you’re a masochist—in that case, be my guest!

3. The “Exclusive Education” series on Girl Spanks Girl: Where the homework is the hairbrush. . .

christy cutie spanked
Check out more pix from this ” Exclusive Education” photo-shoot 

One of my favorite parts about being a spanking model is getting to travel, meet and work with a ton of wonderful people. One of my first large scale group shoots was on the set of the Girl Spanks Girl’s movie, “Exclusive Education, Year Seven.”

I got to work with several well-known spanking models, as well as some excellent Tops (Lana Miller, Snow Mercy, Sarah Gregory, Veronica Ricci, Paris Kennedy, Phoenix Askani, Christy Cutie, Katherine St. James, Riley, Ginger S, Edanya, Koko, Kay Richards, Porcelain Ass, Cami Smalls).

In this shot I’m getting an OTK, bare bottom spanking from the lovely Snow Mercy.  Snow gave me a very stingy hand spanking and later on, a very ouchy caning in which she canes me so hard that the cane promptly SNAPS in half! Once again, I must admit that I had been provoking my Spanker…perhaps I will never learn, or perhaps I am just a particularly naughty case!

4. Tennis Team Trouble from the site Sarah Gregory Spanking

Christy Cutie spanked over the knee

Another really awesome group shoot I did was shot on location at the Texas All-State Spanking Party 2012! There were five of us naughty girls (me, Sarah Gregory, Ten Amorette, Shay Elizabeth, and Casey Calvert), all of us shooting a Tennis Team scenario for one of Sarah Gregory’s websites, Sarah Gregory Spanking. The scene involved us giggling girls getting a hold of alcoholic beverages and skipping out on our tennis matches.

This is a shot of Coach Paul Rogers giving me a good old fashioned spanking for partaking in these naughty deeds! We really had a lot of fun working on this scene, as I’m sure you can imagine, especially since it was shot with a bunch of silly girls and who had been tasting yummy drinks. Such a great time, so many wonderful people, I can’t wait to go back to the Texas All-State Party again!

5. The Sternwood Academy Finishing School

sternwood spanking academy

Sternwood Academy [check out their Clips4Sale site here]  is a finishing school for young ladies located in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I was sent here, along with my naughty cohorts (Cali Katarina, Cheyenne Jewel, Ela Darling, Heather Green, Alex Reynolds and Maddy Marks) to be sternly disciplined, spanked and shaped into proper young ladies.

In this shot, one of Sternwood Academy’s teachers, Lorelei Mission, is in the midst of disciplining Cali Katarina, and myself for being the mischievous ringleaders during an outbreak of naughty behavior at choir practice.

First, Cali and I got spanked on our bare bottoms with all of the other girls, then we were made to dawn our punishment uniforms, stand on punishment crates and be caned in front of everybody! But, the punishment wasn’t over yet. After the public caning, Cali and I were sent to the detention hall to receiver further discipline! All I can say, was that was a LOT of spankings. My poor little bottom was quite sore after!

My stay at Sternwood Academy was great fun! An entire weekend of spankings, giggling and fun. I very much look forward to my return visit to the Academy for Vol III!

6. Aunty Dana’s naughty nieces

Dana Kane spanking

Speaking of weekend spanking trips, Ela Darling and I took a road-trip to visit Dana Kane in Las Vegas, Nevada.  And us spirited girls were meant to be visiting our very old fashioned Aunt for the weekend.

Ela and I had a lot to learn about Aunty Dana’s conservative ways…Ela and I spent most of the weekend getting our bare bottoms spanked bright pink. The best part about Aunty Dana’s spankings, was that we got post-spanking cuddles and soothing bottom rubs! I love having my freshly spanked bottom rubbed!

Dana Kane is a fantastic Spanker and such an awesome person.  I can’t wait to work with her some more!

7. Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanks, from her flagship GoodSpanking website

chelsea pfeiffer spanking christy cutie

Most recently, I had the privilege of shooting with the lovely Chelsea Pfeiffer! We had an awesome time shooting together. We shot a few different scenes, one in which, I was being spanked for stealing money from her purse, and the other was something I had never shot before.

We shot continuously, without stopping, for 30 mins, while Chelsea interviewed me and tested out a variety of spanking implements on me.  It was great fun! I loved being able to be my pain-slut self. It was great to really enjoy the spanking, instead of pretending that I didn’t love every painful minute of it.

In this shot, you can see Chelsea warming up my bottom with her hand. All of my reactions in this scene were genuine: from my ouchy exclamations of pain, to my delicious, moans of pleasure. I really hope to do more scenes like this in the future, and I am definitely looking forward to working more with Chelsea!

8. Of PJ’s and the Paddle

Christy Cutie spanking model

Assume the Position Studios is one of the very first spanking sites I ever shot for! ATP Studios has some of the most beautiful spanking and fetish images in the industry. Besides, the exquisite photography, ATP Studios is known for delivering some of the hardest, heaviest and ouchiest spanking movies around.

This is perhaps the reason why I was drawn to ATP in the first place— I LOVE hard spankings! I want to be spanked to tears and have pretty marks and bruises all over my bratty bottom.

My bratty bottom loves to be spanked long and hard, but it also likes to incorporate role-play scenarios into those long, hard spankings! For instance, I have always enjoyed the fantasy of being a naughty babygirl and having my “Daddy” spank my little bottom in dropseat pajamas! Naturally, this means that I shoot as many dropseat pajama spankings as I can possibly manage.

This shot is from a set of Christmas spankings I did in 2012. I particularly loved working on this shoot, because I was being spanked in my favorite, red dropseat pajamas with my brand new leather paddle that I was given for Christmas! Yay, Christmas presents and double yay, for Christmas spankings.

9. The Busted Yardstick

spanking model Christy Cutie

Moving forward, I believe I may have mentioned that I enjoy hard spankings and I like to brat and provoke my Spanker? Well this image is another classic example of Christy Cutie Bratting! At this ATP Studios shoot, I decided to brat, sass, and talk back, making my Spanker determined to break the yardstick across my backside!

This painful endeavor took quite a few painful WHACKS before it was accomplished. But boy, was I proud that I took all of those ouchy stokes — and that my buns of steel were able to bust that yardstick right in half! I was downright giddy and ridiculously pleased with myself.

10.  Punished at Assume the Position Studios

assume the position spanking studios

Sooo, not only am I a spanking model, but I am a true, born spanko! I’ve had spanking fantasies as far back as I can remember; even when I was a little girl I would make all of my toys spank one another—heck, even toy cars spanked one another!

Anywho, one thing led to another, and when I grew up I found my very own Spanker. I am involved in a real-life Domestic Discipline relationship. In other words, I’m involved in a consensual spanking dynamic, in which my Top spanks me when I misbehave. As a result, many of the ATP Studios spanking scenes and videos that we shoot together are in fact genuine discipline sessions!

This is an image of me after I had been spanked to tears in a real punishment scene. The scary paddle perched on my freshly spanked bottom, is my most dreaded and feared implement: “The Punishment Paddle”! Eeek, just looking at in this picture is making my bottom tingle in anticipation…


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4 thoughts on “Exclusive! Behind the Scenes with Spanking Star Christy Cutie”

  1. Beautiful little Christy has big spanks ,hope you do more vids at Cameramans sites being spanked ,wish Sternwood was available to buy in U.K. as a disc ,love and spanks,Timxx

  2. Truly a girl after my own heart <3 Spankings hurt, but the excitement and arousal some of us feel is so wonderful. We are very lucky to have been born this way! Especially hot since you are so cute and sexy. Thank you for sharing yourself with the spanking community. <3

  3. LOVED working with Christie Cutie – she is amazing in every way. Will have some new scenes of hers to be released in the near future and also will definitely shoot with her again this summer! Great interview, Christie and Dave.

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