A Special Cherry Award: Best Self-Spanking Video!

kiki divine

cherry award english spankers kiki divineIn the mood for a completely over-the-top, stunningly erotic, and a dripping wet self-spanked red ass video, cherryred-style ?? Well, I’ve never seen anything like this before in my 6 years of spanko blogging, and I’m guessing you haven’t either.  And I hereby award this pulse-pounding English-Spankers film a coveted “Cherry” award. . .for its originality and overall wicked hawtness. [As you may recall, the last “Cherry” award went to the amazing Mishka.]

In this high-def film, the stunning British glamour and fetish model Kiki Divine does a sizzling and slow strip-tease in a shower — while also paddling her own luscious cheeks,  as water flows and drips over her gorgeous bod and hot tail. . . .Talk about multi-tasking! Shower + spanking + striptease = epic epicness.

So as 80’s-style rock music plays in the background, Kiki warms up her white-panty-clad buns, eventually bare of course — and you can literally see the water drops flying off her self-paddled posterior.  [Check out this video preview.]

The delicious Ms. Divine is no stranger to cherry red ass action; for example, check her out getting spanked otk in jean short-shorts….. 🙂   Anyway, my only minor quibble in this film is that her bottom looked like it was already cherry red at the start of the vid–hope they can do a Part Deux with Kiki starting on an alabaster, pure miky white bottom.

kiki divine english-spankers
Sizzling hot screen-shot taken from the video.  Kiki gives her gorgeous behind a red-ass workout, as water drips over her toned body and smokin’ ass.

To watch this film and see tons more hi-def red-hot spanking vids, visit English-Spankers:

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3 thoughts on “A Special Cherry Award: Best Self-Spanking Video!”

  1. Thankyou so much. Rem and I are really chuffed to get the ‘Cherry Award’ for producing this film. Kiki is quite stunning and as we knew as we were filming this that it was amazing. There is no part 2 I am afraid. This was the last film we shot that day which is why Kiki had a really red bottom. I couldn’t believe just how hard she spanked herself!

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