Dispatches from Boardwalk Badness Weekend

We are stoked to feature guest blogger Korey Mae Johnson, who also runs the spanking fiction site Stormy Night Publications, with her cherryred recollections of the recently held bun-blazing and sizzling spanking party, “Boardwalk Badness Weekend,” which added a delicious glowing hot hue to Atlantic City for several days. . .

boardwalk badness weekend spanking party

Cut it out,” my husband had been telling me since October, when I became acquainted with BBW (Boardwalk Badness Weekend), a good-sized spanking party held in Atlantic City, NJ every year.

I’d never come across any group that was talking with enthusiasm about a party so many months out from the event. It seemed like everyone was going and the three-day itinerary was already packed full with spanking events to attend. “Your expectations are too high,” he kept telling me. “It’s just a spanking party.”

By the end of Thursday, however, which was a day before the party even “officially” started, my husband and I agreed that we’d already had the best time of our lives. By then, we’d had breakfast with the organizers, gone to Richard Windsor’s pool party, and run around to hotel suite parties until all-hours. We’d even scooped up a gigantic handful of new friends and met many, many of our old ones.

It’s easy to make friends at a party like this. After all, you’re around “your own people”: spankos. Everywhere you look are people who know what you’re into, and instead of being ashamed of it, it’s what brings you together.

The party almost feels like a fraternity at times—everybody’s partying, everybody’s loosening up, and you’re up to your neck in spanking antics. The vibes at this party were excellent; you could feel the positive energy in the air everywhere you went, and always—every second of the day—everyone felt perfectly safe, secure, and welcomed.

That welcome feeling is not easy to incubate in a spanking party. In fact, a lot of people are a little guarded at these events. The Boardwalk Badness organizers wouldn’t let that happen. They cared about everyone having a great time, and they jumped through a lot of hoops to get it that way.

I think they did a fantastic job at this, but everyone knows not to stalk, not to harass anyone, or not to go “too far,” because the organizers have bounced people from their parties in the past. Because of this, everyone could just relax and have fun… And they did. I didn’t hear anyone complain about anything the whole weekend—and that’s saying something!

Mike Tanner, one of the main organizers, even gave out his cell-phone number to anybody and everybody, ready to help out at a moment’s notice. He, and other organizers and volunteers, were also very great at keeping everyone’s identity safe: you couldn’t just be snapping photos left and right.

Nobody was going to get “busted” for going to a spanking party on their watch. Yet despite all that, they were all still the sweetest group of people on the face of the Earth. They were so chipper, so polite, and so happy to be a part of everything. They acted as if they were inviting everyone to be part of their family. I was in awe of them the whole time.

One might think that they’d be busy just keeping a hotel filled with 270 spankos under control, but somehow they also managed the fullest schedule of events I’d ever seen at a spanking party!

And they were all fun. Lots of mixers were held, a charm school for naughty young ladies, a femdom & naughty-boys event, they rented out a huge theatre room so we could watch spanking movies, there were spanking-themed magic shows, a Hollywood-themed party, a vendor’s fair, a spanking court (which was amazingly well run), and more.

There was also a Uniform Male Top event, where men dressed up in a variety of uniforms (from cops to military/navy officers to highlanders to clergy to cowboys) and stood on a stage, and then all the women at the party would grab them and pull them to the other side of the room for delicious spanking fun.

The uniformed men couldn’t say no, so it was every woman for herself. My husband (a cowboy) actually broke a sweat and joked about the need to ice his hand afterwards.

On Sunday night, before the last round of suite parties (the hotel had blocked off whole floors so that we could all go hotel room to hotel room, playing, chatting, and generally being our crazy spanko selves), we even went on a sunset cruise!

It was a bit nippy that evening, but that being said, it’s the only time where you can get spanked out on a boat, or when one-hundred people drag each other outdoors to spank away as we’re passing under a drawbridge (a tradition of the event). It was a microcosm of the whole weekend: good times with good friends that you simply can’t enjoy anywhere else.

Thank you, Boardwalk Badness and the SSNY group for putting on such a lovely weekend, and for the rest of you—if you ever want to try going to a spanking party, this party would be an excellent place to begin!

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