Cherry-Cheeked Chaps: The Tail of the Naughty Cowgirl

spankred3d cowgirl

Look at those cherry red chaps and matching panties and hat.  And soon to be matching backside. File under: Yeehaw. Above are some delicious preview piccies from a gorgeous new naughty cowgirl series–check out SpankRed3D to enjoy these cherry-cheeked illustrations in all their full-size glory. There’s also tons more red-ass illos in their growing archives, from traditional domestic punishment scenarios to pervy multi-girl spank-fests: all of it new, fresh and feverishly hot.

spankred 3d banner

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2 thoughts on “Cherry-Cheeked Chaps: The Tail of the Naughty Cowgirl”

  1. I find the concept of 3D spanking art pretty interesting. Virtual figures allow for the creation of something somewhere between a spanking story and a spanking film: it appeals to the visual part of the mind, but it has the creative flexibility of writing, as since there are no models playing the characters, it doesn’t depend on physical limits, human flexibility, chemistry on set, negotiation, et cetera. I suppose all spanking art is like this, but there’s a greater since realism in this type. Fascinating. Thanks for featuring it. 🙂

  2. Thank you Alex for your comments regarding the 3d virtual spanking art genre. I agree, it’s very cool, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to scenarios and situations and fantasies and one’s endless imagination, as it’s all computer rendered….


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