More Cowgirl

This is not actually the cherry red graphic design lab, as all the magic is done on computers of course, and I have zero drawing skills! — but just a fun visual…..Source image is courtesy of SpankRed3D.


spankred cowgirl
Peeking through the keyhole, watching as a naughty cowgirl gets a good seeing-to. . . .

Just was playing around a bit in the cherryred graphix lab with some wicked hot punished cowgirl illos from SpankRed3D…..Thought I’d share a few with you….Hope you like these versions and variations. . .?  I think my favest variation of another SpankRed3D illo was the spankocam one.  Your comments and feedback are appreciated and encouraged. 🙂

spankred cowgirl
Love going for that “realistic” vintage vibe. . . .Almost looks like an old photograph?


spankred cowgirl otk


This is what naughty cowgirls need. A good old-fashioned bun blazin’ . . . .

——>Want more? For tons more punishment illos, check out SpankRed3D.

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