Cherry Red Exclusive! Amelia Jane Rutherford on Momma Spankings; Not Wearing Panties; Red Hot Roleplay; And More

amelia jane rutherford
“WHERE are your panties, young lady?” Amelia Jane plays an exchange student staying with Momma Dana Specht and their naughty daughter Sarah Gregory on the pulse-pounding NEW and awesome domestic discipline site Momma Spankings….It’s not long before both get their hides tanned hard for wearing no panties under their dresses.  [Fyi: Dana has her own website Here.]

The legendary Amelia Jane Rutherford was featured recently on Sarah Gregory’s amazing and incredibly bun-blazing new flaming hot site called “Momma Spankings.” Anyway, we caught up with Amelia and asked her a few cherry-red related questions. . . .BTW, this site is also available via the better valued multi-site Sarah Gregory Pass.

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You mentioned that shooting this latest sizzling scene with Sarah Gregory and “Momma” Dana for the new “Momma Spanking” website was your favest spanking scene in ages — can you discuss why you have such strong feelings for this cherry-cheeked shoot?

Oh gosh, it really was fantastic. We shot this on the very last day of the Texas All State Spanking Party, which had been an extraordinary experience for me in itself because I’d never been to any kind of big event before and it was such a happy few days.

But by the time I got to this, which was the penultimate scene I shot at the end of a long week of spanking, I really was pretty sore. And I wasn’t altogether sure that I was up to anything too hard.

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But there’s a kind of magical thing that happens to me (and to lots of bottoms I expect) when you just get sucked into the story, and everything suddenly feels possible. This time, I can only say that it was because of the chemistry between Sarah and Dana.

The scene just came to life around me, I started to believe what was happening, and that gives me the ability to cope with lots more pain than normal. I was scared, and the spanking most certainly hurt, but when you feel an emotional connection between the other people in the scene, it enhances the experience of being spanked in an extraordinary way.

Yep, I loved this scene!

amelia jane rutherford

Had you shot with Dana before or….? She is certainly a no-nonsense disciplinarian!

Nooooo, to my shame I’d not actually even heard of her before I went to TASSP. I don’t spend much time looking at other peoples’ work because of being so busy; I feel awful about that but it’s true. So my first exposure to Dana was at a presentation she ran at TASSP about scolding.

She asked for volunteers, and Sarah ‘volunteered’ me. I wasn’t expecting it, and wasn’t even wearing any panties – which suddenly felt embarrassing when Dana pulled my skirt up.

We role played around that, with her expressing her deep horror and disappointment with me. And she was just amazing at it. I don’t work with female Tops very often because I generally prefer men, but she completely changed my mind about that – I was desperate to work with her for a movie after her demonstration. Love her.

She’s a hard spanker, but what makes her stand out to me is her role playing ability. If I hadn’t become a spanking model, I think I’d have cheerfully paid to be spanked by her!


Whose idea was the basic scenario ? i.e. with both yourself, playing an exchange student, and Sarah caught by Sarah’s “Momma,” apparently wearing no panties?

The scenario for the Momma Spankings site really came about as a result of Dana’s demonstration. Since it had gone so well, it seemed a shame not to revisit it with cameras running. But while the demo had been very light-hearted, the film turned into a much more highly charged drama.

Sarah’s a fantastic actress, and since she got spanked first, I had a chance to soak up the emotional relationship between the two of them. Sarah was so horrified, and ashamed, and sorry; it started to make me feel ashamed too, as though I really deserved a spanking. I often like to be very resistant and argumentative, but this didn’t feel like the scene for that.


What are your views on not wearing panties, generally speaking? 🙂

Oh my Lordy, I never wear panties. Almost literally never.

Because of my day job of being a model working nude more often than not, I’ve got used to trying always to wear loose clothes that don’t leave marks on my way to work. That includes not wearing underwear, so I suppose I’ve just gradually gotten used to not bothering.

If I wear a short skirt I might make an exception, I’m not an exhibitionist and I certainly don’t want to shock or offend people. But I definitely favour not wearing underwear.

Which means I have draws full of panties that only ever get worn at shoots. My husband enjoys checking whether or not I’m wearing underwear before we go out together, and pretending to be terribly shocked if I’m not. And obviously, that leads to spanking. Hoorah!

[Editorial Note: Here’s a delicious recently posted video sampler of Amelia wearing some lovely panties!]

amelia jane rutherford spanking

I also was wondering what were your thoughts watching Sarah get her tail busted by Momma Dana’s iron hand, and hairbrush — with you next in line?

I was genuinely properly scared. This doesn’t happen often for me because if I get the choice I always offer to go first.

It’s awful, watching what’s happening, and trying to calibrate how much it’ll hurt when it’s your turn. And of course, I felt so sorry for Sarah; she was crying and was acting really scared, as though she knew just exactly how bad each new progression of the punishment was going to be before it happened.

I really wished I’d been able to go first. And this inner thigh spanking really was new to me. It looked horrific when Dana did it to Sarah and I started to hope she’d forget about doing the same to me. Of course, she didn’t. And now I have a new dimension to my fetish as a result. Thanks Dana!

Thank you as always for your time!

Thanks so much for having me, it’s a pleasure to be back on the Cherry Red Report.

For more info, visit Momma Spankings.

—->Also available via the better valued Sarah Gregory Pass.

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