A Brief Chat with the Legendary Clare Fonda, Along with Some Very Hawt Pix That You Will Enjoy

Clare Fonda aka: Jamie Foster

The cherry red blog had a wicked brief chat with Clare Fonda [aka: Jamie Foster] who unfortunately no longer works in the spanky biz, but is quite actively involved in various other pervy pursuits and fetishes, while also reppin’ the 818.  She also hooked me up with a few exclusive and deliciously hot eye candy piccies 🙂

We all miss you, and I’m stoked to hear you have a lot of super cool endeavours going on and such…So how’s it all going with your new website(s)?

clareI actually only have one new website and it’s a lot of fun.  It’s called Jamie Foster Strips which is my latest and it’s an ENF site – that’s “embarrassed naked female” for those who didn’t know.

And I didn’t know that term existed — I just knew I liked these types of scenes. I was calling it the “huMILFiation” genre.

The Naughty Diaper Girls site is still fun with new models on all the time. Just had gorgeous Addie Juniper wetting her jeans on there.

And there there’s my clips store: Cute Cougar. It’s filthy and often silly.

What’s a typical day like working at the BDSM club called the Sanctuary in LA? if there is such a thing as a typical day….

I will tell you that a typical day is busy —  it’s a great club, and I have seen a lot of my old buddies who used to come in and see me at the Chateau.

It’s a cool bunch of girls there but I never get to spend much time with them cause I am usually in a room with some guy beating my ass.

jamie foster

Is there anything you miss the most about the spanky biz, since you stopped actively working in the spanky fetish biz?

Funny you should ask that cause within the last few weeks I have smacked a couple of asses, two guys and one girl. I just couldn’t control myself.

Maybe something is missing from my life!

For the most part I keep in touch with everyone and people have been really cool about supporting me, following me on twitter, etc as jamiefosterxxx. It’s nice!

clare fonda dress

On the animal front, any new kitties or other furry pets that you have that we should know about?

Well, I attached a pic of a Manchester Terrier who has moved in with me:

dirk the dog
Clare’s new terrier: “Dirk”

He was rescued by an ex boyfriend who then could not keep him but we share custody of “Dirk.” He’s a sweet boy.

That’s 12 animals at my house now. Oh yeah, it smells great!


obey clare

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