Free Video Clip: Georgia Gold


An exquisite classic called “Double Feature” from Shadow Lane.  I’ve written about this must-see film many times over the years, though this is the first time I’ve posted this particular film clip, included below.  Enjoy!  And new users to CherryRedMovies?  Watch 10 minutes for Free.  It’s wicked e-z and fun.

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One thought on “Free Video Clip: Georgia Gold”

  1. This video is indeed a classic. Has the best hairbrush spanking scene ever. Georgia Gold is amazingly hot. Georgia is in three different outfits; first a sexy red dress, then schoolgirl uniform, then nude (except for panties down around her ankles.) I love that a camera shows us many facial close-ups of gorgeous Georgia so we the audience can get a good look at her pretty face as she cries out and wriggles frantically all during the bottom-sizzling spanking. The video ends with the delightful sight of Georgia being made to stand nude in the corner, red, marked, smarting bare bottom on display, looking shyly over her shoulder with the cutest pout ever. A super spanking classic!

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