SpankRed3D Spanko Illustrations

Several readers have inquired as to the wonderfully promising spanko illustration site SpankRed3D.

[Editorial Note: The site is being updated weekly once again! YES!] 🙂

Their computer illustrated depictions of domestic fantasies and cherry-cheeked, tail-blazing scenarios are generally terrific, and some are exquisite.

SpankRed also boasts a sizable online archive, I think around 1,000 illos or so, and growing every week, with some cherryredtastic eye candy available for your viewing enjoyment.

spankred3dVisit SpankRed for more info. . . .

——–>This Just In from the editorial desk:  Syren de Mer [pictured below wielding a stinging hairbrush], stand-out star of the Governess Rules [and Returns!] series playing now at Girl Spanks Girl, is game for a cherryred interview, so do stay tuned for that awesomeness.  Click Here for more pix from this series.  Just sent her some both thought-provoking and fascinatingly intriguing questions.  🙂

Syren de Mer spanks Veronica Ricci

This is one old-fashioned, deliciously strict Governess you don’t want to mess with……BTW, this site is also avail via the better valued Clare Pass.

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2 Responses to SpankRed3D Spanko Illustrations

  1. Tim says:

    bad tushy and spank Sinn have not updated for a long time ,best,tim.

  2. Tim says:

    Girl spanks Girl ,this a great series Governess Returns to spank these lovely girls ,best,

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