Amelia Jane Rutherford’s 6 Reasons NOT to Wear Panties

amelia jane rutherford

As has been previously reported in a recent must-read cherryredreport feature, the always beguiling and legendary fetish superstar Amelia Jane Rutherford discussed her propensity for not wearing panties.  So you see, we simply wanted to know more.  As this topic certainly fascinates.  We here at cherryred HQ asked Amelia, and she kindly responded with the following guest post.  [As always, dear readers, your comments are greatly appreciated and encouraged!]

1) OMG, if you have to get naked in front of people you’ll have underwear marks unless you go without panties! I go without bras too, but that seems to shock people a bit less. I have to get naked at work a lot, so it’s actually out of huge respect for the people who employ me that I don’t wear panties, and therefore turn up to shoots without marks, just like a Barbie Doll. Not anything to do with being disreputable or anything. No.

2) Can you imagine, like, Moses in underwear? Or any other early celebrities? I most certainly cannot. I don’t think underwear is natural. Giraffes don’t wear panties, and since I look almost indistinguishable from one, I’ve decided to learn from Mother Nature too, and to go without.

3) I have to wear lots of different panties at work. Some of them are provided by the companies I work for, but lots of them are mine. Therefore, I have loads of laundry to do, and an issue with storage because of all the massive amounts of clothing I need for modelling. It makes me want to have as few clothes as possible in normal life. Actually, I’m naked quite a lot of the time.

4) I go to nudist beaches and resorts. It’s convenient because it means that I won’t get tan lines (which producers hardly ever want). And I like the freedom of not having clothes on. If I’m on holiday at one for a week and then have to get dressed at the end, it just feels unnatural. And panties are the last straw in horrid, modern, Western, restrictive weirdness.

5) I do enjoy the sense of power I get if someone puts me over their knee, pulls up my skirt to reveal my panties, and there aren’t any there. It feels like stealing their power to embarrass me by pulling them down. I may be getting spanked, but secretly I feel as though I’ve won.

6) It gives Hywel (my husband, webmaster of Restrained Elegance) an easy reason to spank me. Not that he’d have to search much for other reasons, of course.

Amelia xx

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5 thoughts on “Amelia Jane Rutherford’s 6 Reasons NOT to Wear Panties”

  1. I have always made my wife go without bra and panties on the day she will be spanked.I am glad to see that the top spanking model finds this the right thing to do.

  2. I think covering Amelia’s naked body with anything is disrespecting nature.

    And what a wonderful sense of humor she has. Thanks for posting this.

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