Dear Spanking Producers: More Like This Please?

Kind of a random cherryredtastic thought, but would really dig if spanko content producers could create more vids n’ pix featuring this  sexy, revealing and intimate OTK position: spread out over one knee…naughty bits on display.  It’s that simple — and simply wicked hawt. What are your thoughts? Your comments are appreciated and encouraged as always 🙂

Here are three particularly fine fanny-flaming examples:

spanked otk at punishedbratsGianna Love getting a sizzling tanning at the site where brats get what they deserve: Punished Brats.  In case you missed it, check out a cherryred Q&A with Gianna aka: G-Love, featuring more yummy photos.  Hotness.

*  *  *

amber spanksNow here we have a stunning example of the always delicious Amber, of SpankAmber fame, going to town on a misbehaving hottie via bun-blazing brush.  Nice!

*  *  *

lila night realspankingsUh huh.  Lila Night learning a memorable lesson over at Real Spankings, as her bodacious bottom heats up to a sizzling and glowing hue of cherryredness, splayed out over one knee.

Do check out a 2011 cherryred interview with the beguiling Lila Night, featuring more tasty punishment pix.  And Ms. Night was also featured in this special feature, where she give us the scoop on six gorgeous images.  And she’s even been a guest columnist on this blog.

Photos used in this post are kind courtesy of PunishedBrats, SpankAmber, and RealSpankings.

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3 thoughts on “Dear Spanking Producers: More Like This Please?”

  1. My wife and I like this one too. It allows P-V rubbing and stimulation and sometimes penetration, which is very very hot. It’s a position that’s conducive to a strategically placed mirror and it’s easier on replaced hips than trying to be totally OTK.

    Thanks, Mike..

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