A CherryRed Interview with The Camerman on the South of France Schoolgirl Spanking Shoot

When we here at CRR HQ found out the latest installment of the Exclusive Education schoolgirl series, playing now at Girl Spanks Girl, was shot in the South of France, we had to know more.

Exclusive Education 8, featuring Snow Mercy, Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes, Koko Kitten, Buffy Buffington, and Nikki Rouge

So we asked the chief Cameraman a few cherryred-related questions on this sizzling schoolie spankfest. . .The tireless Cameraman produces all the sites in the Clare Fonda network.

Thanks much for taking the time! So how did you end up shooting EE8 in the South of France?

Snow Mercy and Nikki Rogue approached me with the idea, actually. Snow has been part of this Exclusive Education epic series on Girl Spanks Girl for some time (since episode 3 I believe) and Nikki has appeared in it as well.

They had some too good to be true deals for shooting in France and while the cost was higher than it would’ve been in the states, we shot scenes for other sites also — so this added lots of great production values and unique spanking scenarios and backgrounds to all of the sites.

And since I am always looking to improve the look and feel of my sites and offer some fresh goodies, this was appealing to me and an investment worth trying.

girlspanksgirl otk

Did you all fly there together or ?

All of use aside from Buffy Buffington, who met us there, flew together. On the way back, there was a very brief lay over in London and Veronica Ricci got tied up at customs. So I had to stall at the gate of the plane to allow her time go make it.

It was getting dicey and they wanted to leave without her and I did some of my best acting yelling things like “I see her now. She’s running toward us…” even when she wasn’t. Thankfully she did start running in sight just before they were going to close the gate.

How did you enjoy the entire experience?

Generally speaking we had a great experience. Great group of ladies. We had a few crazy adventures I’d rather not talk about, and some I should blog on my own about. I think we all thought there would be more sight-seeing, but I was a bit of a slave driver (sorry ladies).

And where we were staying for most of the days was locked down at night – so we were holed up a bit and I think a few of us (me mostly) sort of got cabin fever.

Besides the blazing buns, the scenery must have been spectacular?

The view was spectacular from nearly every angle. However, Snow Mercy was great about reminding me to get something interesting (like the ocean) every time I turned on the camera. She would yell out just before I called “action” things like “do you see the ocean in this shot?”

It was pretty comical and a fun bonding thing. But heck, yeah, you can see by the opening montage of the scene now up on Girl Spanks Girl how beautiful it is in Southern France.

snow mercy

How would you describe Snow Mercy as a spanker? [pictured above.]

I have always truly believed that there is no better top or spanker than Snow Mercy. She is the real deal, verbally and with the power she brings.

She loves her work and it shows. It is, in fact, more than just a job for her. I can’t say enough great things about Snow and I think her scenes speak for themselves. But if you ever get the chance to visit Snow (she works at the Dominion in LA) and you enjoy being spanked or dommed – you must do it! I doubt you will ever find any greater top!

Were there various challenges you had to deal with, in shooting a spanking film in France? And did you have any issues/probs finding places/locations to shoot?

Nikki and Snow (along with our host) were great about making excellent shooting suggestions. Outside stuff looks fantastic.

My greatest challenge was shooting inside. I brought some power adapters, but my lights blew the moment I plugged them in. So I had to be clever about the inside shoots and using natural lighting.

That was a challenge that I felt for the most part I met. But it limited some of what I could do. Also it was challenging every day getting that many beautiful ladies ready to shoot on time!


I am familiar with all the models, except the wonderfully named, and stunning, Buffy Buffington — can you tell us more about her? [pictured above, second from the right]

Not much to say about Buffy, or I’m not sure how much she wants me to say. She was a guest where we stayed, she was very smart and witty and charming and I am glad she appeared in the one bigger schoolgirl scene that we really needed as many schoolgirls as we could get for….

Which model was the naughtiest?

Not sure I should answer this. Each girl was naughty in her own way. And they all got spanked, even Snow.

I’m looking at the beautiful photos and videos from the France shoot–in that first scene, it looks like you are shooting at a seaside hotel? or villa? What was that like?

I am assuming you mean the Second Part of the series – where the water is scene from the balcony. That balcony was indeed attached to the villa where we were staying. Nice view, huh?

Indeed! And it looks like some of these scenes are shot in the wide open i.e. great outdoors — did any curious folks hear/see what was going on ?

Funny you should mention that.

Yes, we did try to keep things on the downlow, but yes, on the balcony, some heard the spanking and were curious about what was going on.

And we shot a scene in the woods for Veronica Ricci’s site, Spanking Veronica Works, and had to stop at one point as hikers nearby approached and we pretended we were just working out. The girls had to quickly cover up their exposed red bottoms. Close call.

Thank you and keep up the cherryredtastic work!

Thanks for the interview. Again, I like to push the envelope and bring members something different whenever possible, while also respecting the classic and traditional spanking scenes as well.

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  1. Dave an excelent series the Cameraman has brought us with the lovely girls ,excellent being spanked soundly in hot sunshine ,best from ,Tim.

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