New Models, Tons of Hotness at PunishedBrats

There is so much exquisite cherryred goodness going on at PunishedBrats these days — they are on a roll, for sure….

Veronica doles out some bun-blazing behavior modification to new model Adrianna.  Love those cute boots!


P-Brats will be debuting a stern new male Top, by the name of Michael Valentine, pictured below.  The site is featuring delicious new models such as Adrianna and Ariel and the strict Miss Pandora and Miss Sydney; and heaps more awesomeness.

Enjoy some preview piccies, and be sure to visit PunishedBrats for some free video previews 🙂

brats joelle
New P-Brats spanker Michael Valentine has an over the knee discussion with the ever exquisite Joelle.  Check out a 2011 interview with Joelle with more hot photos.


Joelle: punished over the seasoned lap of Michael Valentine.
Miss Pandora goes to town on new model Audrey’s cherry-cheeked backside.


adrianna hairbrush
New spankee Adrianna is introduced to Veronica’s ass-blazing hairbrush.
New models Miss Sydney and Ariel display exactly how to punish a recalcitrant brat.

For more, surf on over to PunishedBrats: Where Brats Get the Spankings They Need. And Deserve.

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