Chatting with Christy Cutie…and Her Booty

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Christy’s classic pout, and posterior, are the stuff spanko dreams are made of.

Christy Cutie is simply amazing. Spanking star and a super cool person, too! We here at CRR are mesmerized by C-Cutie’s many spanking shoots, and asked her a few Q’s on her recent wicked hot shoot with the fantastic Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking site.

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So what’s it like shooting a spank vid with the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer?

Working with Chelsea is always fantastical fun! She’s super sweet and we always have lots of laughs between takes. She’s also very professional, and is a wonderful actress.

We can be giggling and joking around one moment, but as soon as they call “action” she’s in character again. She really does a wonderful job Topping me and bringing me into “sub mode.”  I especially enjoy when she scolds me 😉

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking Christy Cutie

How do you come up with the scenarios? i.e the naughty babysitter, etc. . .

Chelsea is wonderfully creative when it comes to writing the spanking scenes we shoot together. We’ve worked together on three different occasions thus far, and more often than not, we shoot spanking scenarios that really turn me on!

I really like doing sensual spanking scenes with Chelsea! She spanks my bare bottom and gives me lots of naughty squeezes and yummy rubs…Mmmm I just love it!

christy cutie goodspanking

I know Chelsea has a lot of implements, and I’m wondering what are your thoughts on them? 

Oh my goodness…. Chelsea has some very mean implements!!

Her switch is particularly ouchy business! I burst into real tears mere moments after she started spanking me with it!

christy cutie spank goodspanking

I love your pigtails in these vids with Chelsea….and your white socks, too. How important to you is wearing the right outfit in a scene?

Thank you! I LOVE pigtails!

For me personally, an outfit can make or break a scene. Therefore, the outfit is super duper important!!

Playing dress-up is something I’ve always enjoyed…I also enjoy watching spanking videos where the spankee is wearing a really cute outfit…if the outfit isn’t cute I’m WAY less likely to “enjoy” watching the scene.

So, when I’m shooting a spanking scene, I really think about what I’m going to wear. I like to coordinate everything I’m wearing from my naughty shorts, to my panties, to my pigtails and hair bows.

It really adds another level to the scene– it makes it feel more real. After all, what is a schoolgirl spanking scene without the iconic schoolgirl skirt?

Will you be shooting more with her in the future?

Most definitely, yes!


For more info, surf on over to Chelsea’s GoodSpanking website.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking webiste

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