More Constance Please

spanked sweetiesIn response to CRR reader “TJ” who requested more cherryred blog coverage on the delightful Spanked Sweetie Constance, recently featured on Spanked Sweeties, we submit some more cherry-cheeked imagery below.  She’s very expressive and a great pouter! And is also candidly interviewed about her spanking history and experiences.  Sweeties is also available via the multi-site Clare Pass.


Constantly in trouble, little miss Constance has a lot to learn apparently….

[In case you missed it: check out my Top 10 Favorite SpankedSweeties Galleries in CherryRed History.]

Visit SpankedSweeties for instant access to these films, and tons more red-assed action.

spankedsweetiesclare pass

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One Response to More Constance Please

  1. Tim says:

    Yes young Constance is a cute spankee girl who has big spanks ,

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