A Few More Q’s with Syren de Mer

syren de mer spanking
Mother knows best…….Syren de Mer scolds and spanks, from left to right, Jenna Rose, Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards. Image courtesy of SpankedSweeties.

CRR shot a few more questions over to spanker extraordinaire Syren de Mer, who has wonderfully starred in pulse-quickening, wicked hot spank scenes for Girl Spanks Girl in the “Governess Rules” and “Returns!” series and most recently, for the domestic discipline site Spanked Sweeties, playing the strict Mom to naughty girl, and former Penthouse Pet, Jenna Rose, et al.  (These sites are avail via the better valued multi-site Clare Pass.)

What was it like working in this latest cherry-cheeked scene for Spanked Sweeties, featuring 3 brats at once: new Sweetie Jenna Rose along with seasoned spank veterans Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards?

It’s always a pleasure! I love Veronica and Kay! And having Jenna with us was icing on my cake.

syren de mer spanking

Indeed! When you are working with such a tantalizing triumvirate of tannable tails, how do you know where to begin ??

I couldn’t decide — so I had to be told who to start with.

It’s not easy, I’m sure.  Anyway, out of the three, who do you think needs spankings the most, or is that an unfair question?

Veronica Ricci seems like the brattiest, in my humble opinion.  But it really was a toss up between Veronica and Kay — though all three played off each other very well and I played off of them.

I actually felt a little bad spanking Jenna Rose — she’s a sweet little thing. But I think Kay is actually a bit brattier than Veronica a lot of the times.


It’s clear they all need frequent cherry reddening treatment.  Anyway, if you were on a deserted island, which one spanking implement would you take and why?

I don’t need to take anything…I have my hand! 😉

Name a celebrity or two that you would not mind offering some of your personal style of behavior modification ?

I can’t answer this. I really don’t follow other celebrities and what they do. I believe we all deserve our private lives.


Any chance of incorporating the delightful drop-seat PJ”s, as seen in the “Governess” series on Girl Spanks Girl, for future spanktastic shoots, cherryredtastically speaking ?

If the gentleman that writes and orders “The Governess” wants another scene, I’m sure there will be.

Any future plans for Syren de Mer that we should be aware of ? And any more spanking shoots scheduled at the present time?

Oh yes! Lots and lots!


——–>For more info, surf on over to Spanked Sweeties: Domestic Discipline the Old-Fashioned Way.

Also avail via the Clare Pass. 🙂

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