I Apparently Now Have My Own CherryRed Spank Team

team cherryredI’ve always wanted to be the captain of my own official Spanking Team, “Team Cherry Red.”  🙂  Thanks to the wonderfully creative artists at SpankRed3D for this illustration! I hope my team will taste the sweet sting of victory against the other cherry-cheeked, bun-blazing, tail-tanning teams: the hotbots and team spankred. It’s gonna’ get wicked hawtttt, that’s for sure.

Visit SpankRed3D for instant access to tons more original spanking illustrations.


*  *  *

Check out what’s streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies. In case you missed it, I posted some free spanking samples. New users? Watch 10 minutes for free Instantly. YES! 🙂


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