Guest Blogger Michael Valentine: Confessions of a Fetish Model

We are stoked to publish a guest column by Michael Valentine, an excellent Top who recently made his sizzling spanking debut starring in bun-blazing films for PunishedBrats.

punishedbrats joelle barrosWritten by Michael Valentine

I remember thinking as I watched my first spanking video (“What Bottoms Are For,” purchased in Time Square NY long before Disney took over) that the men in that video had the best job imaginable.

Almost exactly 28 years later, I got to find out for myself as I appeared in my first spanking video for Punished Brats. What was it like? Well to quote Arthur (the original with Dudley Moore, further dating myself) “It doesn’t suck.”

Although I had dreamed of this for decades, I was quite nervous as the day approached. Thankfully, I was extraordinarily lucky to be working with two amazing people.

My partner for the shoot was the lovely Joelle Barros. A professional switch from New York City whom I’ve been seeing for over a year and who has become one of my dearest friends.

The director and main camera man was David Pierson, the owner and mastermind behind Punished Brats. At the time I had only met him once before (he invited me to attend his previous shoot so I’d know what to expect) but we have since become close friends as well.

joelle barros spanked at punishedbratsI can’t speak about other producers, but the atmosphere at a Punished Brats shoot strikes me as just about a perfect balance between personal and professional. Everyone is amazingly warm and welcoming, but at the same time we all know that were there to do a job. There’s a LOT of laughter on the set, but we still manage to finish everything on time.

We begin preparing to shoot each scene by dealing with the technical issues. The “talent” changes clothes and reviews the script while the crew sets up the lights and initial camera placements. Shooting the scene itself generally takes place in three distinct phases.

1) First we film the exposition and positioning (young lady I’m going to punish you for “x,” now get over my knee). There’s usually some predefined dialogue for this portion, but we also ad-lib quite a bit.

2) Next is the actual spanking. David prefers to let the spanking continue uninterrupted unless there’s some problem (the spankee is in distress, or we’ve moved outside the frame of one of the cameras) so other than starting in the middle this feels very natural (and is great fun). For anyone who has doubts, let me assure you that the spanking and the women’s reactions are quite real.

3) Lastly we reposition the cameras and film the denouement (final scolding/warning and corner time/but rubbing).

punishedbrats hairbrush spanking

So … What’s it like?

For me, it’s an absolute blast. Being on camera gives me license to enter fully into role play in a way that I’ve never been able to do in a more private session. Paradoxically, even though I’m playing a role, I’m also more able to be myself.

When I’m Topping in a private session I always have a paternalistic concern that I’ll take it too far. The wonderful thing about shooting a video, is that I feel like my ultimate responsibility is to the director and the audience. The spankee still has the absolute right to call a cut, but it’s no longer something I need to worry about. Within reason, I can let myself go and simply take direction. I find it wonderfully freeing.

A little more than half of my first video series (which I also wrote), “Joelle and the Strict Headmaster” is currently available at PunishedBrats. I’ve since participated in three additional shoots which should be on the site in the near future and I’m filming another in a few days.

I hope to continue working with this company, and am open to working with other producers who interested in an older gentlemen who knows how to spank and doesn’t mind showing his face.

For FREE preview videos and more info, surf on over to PunishedBrats.

punishedbrats spanking


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