Exclusive! Celebrity Guest Columnist Clare Fonda on Her Spanking Return, Cougars, Casey Calvert and More

While wondering if my spank team will win in 2014, I needed to stay focused on the task at hand, and get my blog on; So, in this cherry red exclusive, the legendary “Momma” Clare Fonda talks about her recent wicked hot Mom/daughter domestic discipline shoot for GirlSpanksGirl, entitled “A Mother’s Concern,” starring the strikingly stunning Casey Calvert and the exquisite Veronica Ricci — and how she temporarily came out of spanko retirement to film this tail-tanning, smouldering hot feature.  (Also available via the Clare Pass.)

clare fonda and casey calvert
The truly exquisite Casey Calvert nervously examines a letter from school, as “Momma” Clare Fonda looks on…..playing now exclusively at GirlSpanksGirl.

This all started when my long-time Cameraman — as you may know we hang out a couple of times a month, drinks, dinner, flicks etc. — but he does not usually text me from shoots; but he sends me this text that the models are not exactly “bringing” it on set.

Basically, they were filming a spanking scene and did not want to take or give any substantial spanking.  So I suggested have them do a “spanking threat” video where they tell the person they are looking after, that they are gonna get it and how — but no actual spanking!

(Miss Chris did a very successful one of these for us. That being said these chicks were not Miss Chris!)

Anyway, The Cameraman texted back that they were not great verbally, either. Hmmm, he still had them for an hour or so I said have them do some stripping for my site Jamie Foster Strips, as I have been using more and more of our young models on that site, including starlets like Paris Kennedy, Alyssa Reece and more.

He was actually able to get a couple of hot little forced stripping scenes out of them. No spanking, not much talking, just take of your clothes try to look embarrassed ladies. Thanks for playing, goodbye!

casey calvert

Anyway, I was happy to show my appreciation for my newly acquired content by filming two spanking scenes, one with Casey Calvert whom I had heard great things about from Eve Howard, of Shadow Lane fame, and the other with both Casey and also Veronica Ricci, who is a personal friend and always great to spank.

So first we shot four hot little diaper scenes with Casey for NaughtyDiaperGirls, for which she is a natural and then we went onto the serious and sensitive first scene for “A Mother’s Concern.”

Much like the one I had filmed with Elise Graves (miss her!) several years ago, in this sequel to the original, I come home to my mature and usually well- behaved young lady of a daughter played by Casey Calvert.

clare fonda spanks casey calvert

She has a letter which says that she has been caught with the wrong crowd at school and was possibly smoking. I feel like Casey and myself were able to work several elements into the scene: a long and sold hand spanking, some gradual stripping down of her clothes, a thorough explanation of why she was getting spanked.

This also included her asking me for one, as well as some traditional aspects such as her counting and then walking upstairs at the end.  The Cameraman got a great shot of that red bottom.

Olive-skinned Casey does not get so red but she can take it and was a classic example in our vids of a good girl at a point in her life where she needs some help to keep her on track.

casey calvert spank

The next scene was much more of a bare bottom bun blazing hairbrush fest, as we had the gorgeously sassy Veronica Ricci (as the naughty friend of my daughter) over my knee thrashing and talking lots of smack, even giving me a hard time for “cougaring.”

She and Casey both got the hairbrush brush in this scene.  And for those of you who like your beaten bottoms very red, Veronica worked some long camera time with her buns ablaze.

I must also mention that Casey looked great in her dropseat PJs.

All in all, it was a great content trade with the C-man aka: The Cameraman, and it reminded me how much fun we had together when everything flowed and models were top notch. I guess sometimes you get to make lemonade!

To watch all the spank action, surf on over to Girl Spanks Girl!

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