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briella jaden fetish model

We are stoked to present a cherryred Q&A with fetish/bondage star Ms. Briella Jaden, who filmed 4 different wicked sizzling scenes for Spanked Sweeties — all domestic discipline scenarios that left Briella well-punished by her Mom, Dad and Granny, and taught a good lesson — her bodacious bottom glowing red ‘n hot.  She’s also interviewed on the site about her real-life spanking experiences.  BTW: Sweeties is also available via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.:)

Briella’s no stranger to spanking: she’s worked with the FemDom site, Clare Spanks Men, she’s played a naughty stripper on Sarah Gregory’s site, and also recently shot a hard discipline scene with Bun Beating Fun.

briella jaden spanked

Thank you Briella for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report! I have read that you are addicted to hot tamales?

Yes I love hot tamales. Sometimes I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Any other addictions/passions/obsessions we should know about ?

I like to shop on eBay. I love all the deals. When I have time, I love to play the game Candy Crush.

briella jaden gets a spanking
Misbehaving and naughty, sassy cheerleader Briella gets a good tanning over her Dad’s knee.  Image courtesy of SpankedSweeties.

I’ve read that you have a great fondness for your pets……

My pets are my babies. I consider them like children. I have two orange tabby cats, who are different litters but same mom and dad. I also have a ten year old dog who’s a Boston Fox terrier named Starr.

I am just getting into rescuing animals too. There’s so many animals without homes. I am taking in two little bottle feeder kitties and puppies, nursing them back to health and finding them their furrever homes. I’m trying to get my man to let me have one more furry friend to keep as mine though. My animals are all spoiled and have charmed lives.

briella jaden fetish model

So how did you make the transition from fetish/bondage/shibari/glamor shoots to the domestic discipline spanking side of the spectrum, as seen in the latest, and might I add, bun-blazingly fantastic, update on SpankedSweeties?

briella jaden spankedI travel all over the country. The Cameraman had sent me an email about my trip to California a while before I actually came out.

I like being spanked though, so I’ve been shooting this for a lot of people. Spanked Sweeties was definitely one of my favorite spanking shoots though.

Generally speaking, how did you like shooting the Sweeties spanking scenes?

They were so much fun. I even spanked him [the cameraman] too lol.

The outfits you are wearing in the Sweeties scenes are superb! that tight animal-print dress, the short-shorts, cheerleader — did you pick those?  And how important to you is the right outfit and look for a fetish scene or shoot?

Yes I normally pick my own outfits. The right outfit is so important for a fetish scene. Fans like to see certain things. For example, on my clips4sale sites Briellas Brutal Bondage and Briellas Bound and Cuffed, it’s very important to have pantyhose on. Everyone is different though…

When I think about the spanking fetish in general terms, it seems really, what is the word, somewhat tame, broadly speaking, compared to some of the other fetishes out there, that seem to me more, you know, intense — what are your thoughts?

briella jaden otkI don’t know. I know what you mean but the spanking I’ve done has always been pretty intense. It’s real. I don’t do anything fake. That’s not my style.

I tell them to spank me as hard as they can. I can deal with my scenes. The worst or most insulting thing would be for a fan to think my stuff wasn’t real — I always say go big or go home!

Have you always been into the spanking fetish, or is this a new thing for you? i.e. When did you first get into the spanking kink?

I have always liked spanking. Stemming back to when I was a teen. I’ve always been kinky. Vanilla sex bores me.

What is your favest position to be spanked in and why?

I like to by lying over the spankers knee. This is the position most people are spanked in when they are bad little kids. Although my mom just made me bend over the bed. Lol. Ahh! I was a bad kid lol.  I never really minded the spanking even when my step dad spanked me. I never thought they spanked hard enough or maybe I was a freak even back then.

briella jaden spanked otk

Any favorite/least favorite implements ?

Favorite implements would be a belt, or wooden paddle. I hate caning. I’ve never been into skinny implements that have more of a stinging impact.

What are your favest types of fetish shoots ?

I really like spanking shoots. My favorite is bondage though. This is what my sites focus on. I have a random fetish site too. But I never did my own spanking stuff.  So I guess favorites are spanking and bondage.

Name a photog that you have not yet worked with, that you really want to shoot with in the future?

I can’t really think off the top of my head, but maybe Steve Villa. I’m friends with Dominic Wolf, and have stayed at his house for a few nights but we never shot. He’s also a legend in bondage.

cheerleader briella jaden
When Dad got home, naughty cheerleader Briella got a hot tanning over his knee, and rubs her sore bottom afterwards. Pic courtesy of SpankedSweeties.

Name a celebrity that could use a good spanking right now?

Angelina Jolie

Anything good playing on your iPod right now that we should now about?

I’m always listening to country music. Right now Johnny Cash is playing.

How can readers find about more about you?

To find out more about me check out my blog briellasfetishfactory. I have a Twitter and Facebook under Briella Jaden as well.  And check out my clips4sale sites:

Briellas Bound and Cuffed which is a handcuff site updated Tues and Thurs in Jan: clips4sale.com/71092

Briellasbondageboutique is my membership site. For unlimited access to tons of hot clips for 1 low monthly fee. Updated every other day.  And updated daily are my two sites:

Briellas Brutal Bondage Boutique Clips4sale.com/56507 and Briellas Fetish Factory: Clips4sale.com/55169

Thank you Briella for your time! 🙂

Visit SpankedSweeties to watch all the domestic discipline, old-fashioned spanking action.

spankedsweetiesAlso available via the multi-site and better-valued Clare Pass.

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