A Wicked Hot Free Video Trailer You Really Need to Watch Now

Meet brand new model Lexie at Red Stripe Films: her first ever spanking leaves her petite bouncing bottom scorched…..
redstripe spankingThe latest pulse-pounding, ass-blazing update from spanking producers RedStripeFilms has absolutely mesmerized me, featuring stunning model Lexie getting her first ever bun-burning otk spanking, and it’s all captured on glorious high-def film — Lexie squirming and bucking and her tiny bottom as it glows crazy hottt and cherryred, skimpy thong peeled down.  ——>Click here to watch a free video sample; it’s really something to see!  

And I so love the way Sarah spanks — hard, but her hand sometimes lingers wonderfully for a moment, as if testing the heat, and then rubs, and smacks again that perky little bottom hard….uhh…mm.  [Sarah has her own spank-site certainly worth checking out btw, called SpankingSarah, and one a side note, Sarah stars in one of my favorite short-shorts spanking vids.] 🙂

redstripefilms spanking otk

That tiny bottom gets so blazingly red, you can almost feel the heat…

Also, check out a free preview photo gallery with more sizzling images 🙂 🙂

redstripe british spankingVisit Red Stripe Films to get instant access, and watch the entire amazing Lexie spanking film, and enjoy tons more deliciously pulse-pounding high-def spanking films.

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One Response to A Wicked Hot Free Video Trailer You Really Need to Watch Now

  1. Tim says:

    little Lexie has big spanks from Sarah doesn’t she ,oh yes Dave she does,best,Tim.

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