CherryRed Guest Blogger: Michael Valentine’s Top 5 Tips For Working on a Spanking Video (And Being Invited Back!)

Michael Valentine displays his OTK spank style to glowing red effectiveness.

I’m deeply flattered that Dave has asked me to write a second blog post about my experiences performing in spanking videos for Punished Brats.

But I must confess I’m somewhat intimidated by the topic he suggested. Given my very recent arrival in the scene, it seems presumptuous to offer advice; however, I know from my vanilla life that sometimes it’s easier to recognize the basics when you’re a newbie. So without further ado……

Michael Valentines Tips for Working on a Spanking Video (and being invited back)

 1. Be Professional

Regardless of the size of the producer, coordinating a spanking shoot requires a significant investment of time and money. It’s important to respect that fact and act accordingly. joelle punishedbratsRespond to calls and emails as quickly as possible so they don’t have to worry that you’ll flake.

On the day of the shoot arrive on time and ready to work, but also be prepared to wait. Shoots can be complicated and as with all human endeavors things can go wrong.

If that happens help if you can or stay out of the way if you can’t. Don’t whine or complain. Use the time to get to know the people you’re working with (at least those who aren’t actively trying to resolve the issue).

2. Be Respectful

Eve Howard, the doyen of Shadow Lane, wrote in a recent tweet “Guys who are real human beings think of spanking women as a gift.” I think this is always true, but especially at a shoot.

At Punished Brats I’ve been lucky to work with some incredibly beautiful women including Joelle Barros, Audrey and Cadence Luxx. In addition to their physical attractiveness they have all been bright, articulate professional women.

Treat them as such. You can’t avoid (if you’re even remotely human) looking, but try hard not to gawk or leer. Engage them in conversation as you would any other interesting human being, but don’t be crude or hit on them aggressively.

Several of the young women I’ve worked with have complained that too many people make assumptions about their character based on what they do for a living. Don’t be one of them.

3. Communicate Before the Scene Starts

I’ve recently begun trying my hand at editing spanking videos, so I can say with some authority that it’s much easier when the action is as contiguous as possible. While the bottom always has the right to call for a break, it’s preferable if this can be avoided.

The nature of a spanking video makes it almost impossible to communicate this verbally while the scene is playing out. Protestations, cries of pain, pleading and sometimes tears make for a great scene so you can’t count on those as an indicator.

A code word such as yellow would be obvious and further complicate the editing process. Because of this I try to work out a signal (preferably something physical so it’s hard to miss) to tell me that my partner needs me to ease up or slow down. Using this technique there have been very few times when we’ve had to have an unplanned break in a scene.

4. Listen, and Act Accordingly

If you’re in a position to participate in a spanking video, you’ve probably watched countless hours and have your own ideas and preferences about what makes a great video. Feel free to offer your suggestions before shooting starts, but remember that it’s the directors video and they have the final say.

If they ask you to do something different, do your level best to do so. Aside from the fact that it’s their video, they also have a much better idea of how things are working visually.

By the same token if the bottom requests something (outside of the scene’s dialog) such as ease up, spread the swats around more, avoid my thighs etc, then absolutely listen to her. This seems so obvious that it shouldn’t need to be said, but based on stories I’ve heard, it still is.

Personally, I can’t understand this since I believe that dominion over ones own body is the most fundamental human right. If the bottom’s request contradicts the directors (which has never happened to me) I would favor the bottom and let the two of them work it out.

5. Have Fun, but Stop Smiling Damn It!

Every shoot that I’ve done with Punished Brats has been great fun. I believe that this largely comes from the fact that everyone involved wants to be there, is invested in and loves what they’re doing.

David Pierson does a fantastic job of selecting great people and encouraging a friendly atmosphere. I love spanking young women and I love hanging out with cool, interesting, people. What could be better.

It does however, lead to a problem. Sometimes, despite my best efforts I can’t suppress a smile. I think I’ve (mostly) gotten to the point where I can look stern when I’m actually spanking, but it’s much harder for me when we’re doing the photo shoot.

Since at that point nothing is being recorded my colleagues and I feel free to joke. So in addition to being deliriously happy (having just spanked a lovely women) I’m laughing with people that I genuinely adore. Perhaps my next blog post will be on how to look stern when you couldn’t be happier. 🙂

To see Michael Valentine in cherry-cheeked spank action, surf on over to Punished Brats!!

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  1. How would a guy like me even start of finding out if I could be used in a spanking video. I am a lifelong spanko, but I’m going to be honest here. I’m not exactly the handsomest man around; I’m also kinda heavy. There I said it. Would love to try and see if I even stand a chance. Never done this before but after reading your article, I can meet all those requirements

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