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mandie rae

deMandie Rae is a beautiful fetish model, lifestyle player, pro Domme, sex educator and now spanking model — and most certainly deLovely.  And deMandie recently joined the top-notch crew at Punished Brats for several smouldering spank shoots, which will be posted soon on PunishedBrats, and Ms. Rae was kind enough to give CRR the intriguing behind-the-scenes scoop.

Written by deMandie Rae

I’ve been creeping Punished Brats photos for a long time and when the infamous Mr. Pierson approached me about shooting with them, I jumped at the chance. When we talked on the phone he mentioned he’d like to take the website in a new direction and do something a little darker.

demandi rae spankingWell, darker is right up my alley. Even though I am adorable, cute, and upbeat, my favorite forms of play are not. I prefer psychologically intense, humiliating, and painful scenes. I revel in my own tears and enjoy being pushed out of my comfort zone.

We were excited but there was some concern about how the audience might feel about being so “awful” to a nymphet such as myself. It then dawned on me that we could combine the two!

Why not let Daddy give me a cutesy, barehanded, school girl type spanking and then let me endure some more sadistic punishment.

Thus, “Three Strikes” was born. The premise of which is that I am a very bratty (I didn’t even have to act for this part!) teen who has been caught underage drinking for the third time. I was under the impression that Daddy would be able to get me off again, but I was very mistaken. This is set in the future and the penal system has changed a bit. Non violent offenders now have the option of taking corporal punishment instead of doing time in jail.

The night before shooting, truth be told, I was nervous. It has been a long while since I’d last bottomed for anything pain related due to working primarily as a fetish model and Pro Domme (they aren’t very big fans of marks).

I was worried about getting back into bottoming, as well as having the usual pre shoot jitters. You know, the typical “what if they don’t like me” and “what if it doesn’t turn out well.” However, as soon as I walked on set, all of the anxiety dissipated and I was back to my happy, high energy, self.

We started off doing the Punished Brats scenes with “Daddy” Valentine (pictured below.)


These were some good, old fashioned, OTK spankings. I love OTK because it is a mixture of making me feel vulnerable, embarrassed, and close to the Spanker. I must say, Mr. Valentine certainly has some massive hands and gives a hell of a barehanded spanking!

Then we moved on to my scene with the Evil Nurse Audrey (Audrey Sugarsmak).

demandie rae tears

This scene was interesting for me for a few reasons: I don’t get the chance to bottom to women very often, I love medical play, and it involved humiliation. Lets just say, I may have been on the receiving of a rectal thermometer.

Being the brat that I am, I didn’t take my check-up with much grace and may have made the Nurse a bit upset. I paid dearly for my transgressions, though, as that Audrey is mean with a strap! She even made me cry.

mandi rae punishedbrats

Remember when I mentioned I hadn’t bottomed in a long time? Well I haven’t cried in a VERY long time. I’m not sure what came over me; it was an emotional release of some sort and once the tears came out they just wouldn’t stop!

Through the tears, we moved into the three corporal punishment scenes. Mr. Pierson was the one designated to carry out the will of the court.

mandi rae spank

Day 1 I had a harsh OTK paddling, after which I was put on the brat mat (punishment chair with spikes) Day 2 was marked by a belt whipping, and Day 3 was a cooling down spanking with some rubber object and a hand spanking.

I cried through all of these. I can’t say it was even really pain related. It was a sort of cleansing that I didn’t recognize I needed. All this time I had gone without bottoming had taken a bigger toll on me than I had realized.

demandie rae

In short, this video, to me anyway, is a lot more than some sexy fun times.

Even though I will admit it was pretty hot and my cry face even gets me off, shooting this has taught me a few things about myself and allowed me to enjoy a kind of peace I hadn’t achieved in many months. I want to thank all three of my Tops for this. They were amazing!

I hope you all get to enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoyed making it. I also solemnly swear that, from now on, this brat will be getting the spankings she so desperately needs!

– deMandie Rae

For more info, visit PunishedBrats. And please do check out deMandie’s website.

Punished Brats spanking website

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