A Cherry Red Interview with Willow May

willow may sweetiesNot even yet 20 and already an established fetish/bondage model and employee at The Dominion in Los Angeles, the lovely Willow May recently made her spanking debut at the deliciously hawt domestic discipline site Spanked Sweeties.  

The first scene is a Mom/Daughter tail-blazing scenario, and the second M-F scene re-enacts one of her Dominion sessions–and she’s interviewed also about her spanking experiences.  (Sweeties is also avail via the better-valued, multi-site Clare Pass).  We asked Ms. May a few cherry red queries…..

Thanks for taking the time to chat with Cherry Red Report! So how long have you been working for The Dominion in LA? And what kind of roles do you play there?

I have been at The Dominion for two months. I love it! I have played the naughty secretary, the daughters best friend, a brat, a woman guilty of stealing from the government, and a babygirl. Roleplay is one of my favorites.

sweetiesAnd how did you get into this whole fetish/adult modeling world?

I have always had a interest in the obscure…and taboo. I find beauty in releasing myself and creating art. Creating something beautiful with a photographer. Fetishes, and the psychology of fetishes, fascinate me.

What are your favest fetishes?

I do love bondage, foot fetishism, erotic asphyxiation, urination, even diaper fetishism and spanking…of course spanking! I’m excited to venture more into different fetishes.

And how did you end up shooting those wicked hot domestic spanking scenes with Spanked Sweeties?

I contacted them with pictures and my interest in shooting! So happy to have worked with The Cameraman and Veronica Ricci for my first shoot.

009What was it like being over Ms. Fiona X’s lap?

She has a firm hand on her, a good spanker.

And how did the spanking scene go with The Camerman?

He really warmed me up and gave me a good one but the best part was spanking him right back. He can really take all I got! Happy I learned how to spank.

Have you always been into the spanking kink? what sparked your interest?

Hmm what really made me realize how much I sometimes just need a spanking is when I started working at The Dominion. I really started liking and wanting spankings at 15 years old but didn’t realize how much until recently.

What are your favest spanking implements generally speaking?

The crop can sting and it makes me really happy! Paddles are nice but I’d say floggers, canes, and crops are my fav.

When you are not fetish modeling, what are some of your non-kinky “vanilla” interests/hobbies?

I’m super into health and fitness. So I’m at the gym or at a organic healthy restaurant. I also journal, a lot. My journals are very precious to me they hold all my thoughts, ambitions, ideas.

Watch Willow May get spanked, only at SpankedSweeties.

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