Celebrity Guest Blogger Clare Fonda: 5 Good Reasons To Get Back Into Spanking Besides the Spanking

clare fonda spanking with a hairbrushThe unstoppable, indefatigable, always hilariously candid “Momma” Clare Fonda kinda/sorta semi-retired from the spank biz, but is kinda/sorta back and is lined up for several spanking shoots with the Cameraman this year (who is now skillfully running this red-ass empire) for the Clare Fonda Network of spank action hotness. 

Momma Clare’s first smouldering shoot in a while was a recent Mom/Daughter bun-blazer with Casey Calvert and Veronica Ricci, that is playing now at GirlSpanksGirl, and we are stoked to see more of Momma Clare in the very near future….

Disobey Clare Fonda at your own peril.   Graphic by CherryRedReport

In this exclusive cherry red guest blog post, Clare runs down the top 5 reasons to get back into spanking, besides the spanking itself.

As her chief video/photog man, The Cameraman, is now running the day-to-day biz operations, it’s fab to have Clare busting ass again!

Written by “Momma” Clare Fonda

5 Good Reasons to Get Back into Spanking, besides the Spanking, Itself

1. Food– The food on the shoots when the Cameraman is running them is way better. In my house it was tap water and rice cakes.

What can I say — I’m not a foodie, but after long scenes spanking ass, I do really appreciate the sushi platter the Cameraman picks up at Trader Joes.

2. Girls– I get along super well with 99.9% of the models. Veronica Ricci is on set a lot and it’s always great to see her.  Another perk for me is when they will also shoot for my sites naughtydiapergirls and jamiefosterstrips. These shoots will be busy but I hope not for too long cause Momma Clare does not like that!

Naughty daughter Casey Calvert, clad in drop seat PJ’s, hands her Mom the hairbrush, as Veronica Ricci is about to get her ass lit up. Playing now at GirlSpanksGirl.

3. Locations–  The Cameraman shoots in several West Valley homes and the best thing about that is that they are not my home!

I do not have to clean up or shuffle my dogs to my ex boyfriend’s house.  And it’s so great just to show up and shoot and then go home to the dogs who missed Mummy.

4. Wardrobe– It’s fun to dress up all strict sometimes. Some of my dresses have been dying to be worn in a spanking video.

This is a chance to look like the Mom I never wanted to be in real life! You know how some people say they like other people’s kids and then “give them back” at the end of the day? Well I like to play a Mom for a couple of hours, get a check and fuck off!

Clare Fonda5. Boys– The Cameraman has said I will be spanking some guys as well for Clare Spanks Men.  And Kade? I hope you are reading this cause no one can take a spanking like you and we were a great mom/son team. It’s time for a Kade comeback for sure!

I just don’t encourage guys to sign up for shoots if they are pussies. The only pussies I will be spanking are the ones on the girls — see you on set!

clare fonda spanking pass

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