Celebrity Guest Blogger deMandie Rae: 5 Reasons Spanking Turns Me On!

Enjoy this superb, thought-provoking and informative cherryred guest blog post by the unstoppable fetish star, pro Domme and sex educator deMandie Rae, who is currently shooting sizzling spank action films for Punished Brats.  I think this guest post is one of the best explanations of the spanking fetish that I’ve read in a long time….think you’ll agree.

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Written by deMandie Rae

5 Reasons Spanking Turns Me On!

While spanking is one of my more lighthearted fetishes, it is also one of my favorites. One of the questions I get asked the most is why I love spanking so much. I suppose it is time to reveal what exactly it is about getting spanked that does it for me.

1. Giving up control: My everyday life is filled with responsibilities, like most people. I have a very demanding schedule that often consumes my days. I don’t have a lot of down time and frequently find myself being in the position of control freak. This is not my preferred head space.

While I am very good at running shit, it is nice to be able to give the reins over to someone else. Receiving a spanking allows me to do this. For the duration of the spanking, I have no control. The person doling out the smacks to my ass makes all of the decisions.

They decide what type of spanking it will be: harsh, sensual, disciplinary etc. They decide how hard the spanking is and in a way, they have control over my reactions. They decide when I’ve had enough (unless I use my safeword of course). It feels good to know that sometimes things are out of my hands and I don’t run everything…I forget that on occasion.

2. It’s embarrassing: Getting a spanking always make me feel like I am a little kid again. As my clothes come off, my panties are taken down, and I am bent over, it is as though my status as “adult” has been stripped away. I am unable to keep my composure…I squeak, squeal, beg, and sometimes I cry.

I typically feel some amount of shame thinking about how I ended up in this position. Speaking of positions, those can be horribly humiliating as well: being placed over someones lap with your legs dangling, bent over the desk like a naughty school girl, or having your legs up and pushed back, placing all of your parts on display.

And I don’t have any real explanation for why experiencing such humiliation does it for me, but it does.

3. It can be erotic: No two ways about it, spanking allows for physical intimacy and vulnerability. On top of the physical closeness and touch, a persons butt is an erogenous zone.

That sweet spot, you know the one, is tender and when hit in just the right way makes me gush. The vibrations caused from a good ass spanking make all my intimate parts tingle.

4. It clears my head: When I am on the receiving end of a spanking, my mind is capable of having very few thoughts once I’ve entered the proper head space.

I seem to only be focused on the sensation be it pain or otherwise, how I ended up here, and when the next spank is coming. There are not too many other points during life where I am able to let go to that extent.

5. It can be cathartic & therapeutic: When I am capable of clearing my head, I am also capable of releasing pent up emotions. I become so engrossed in everything going on around me, sometimes I forget to actually feel things.

When you are being spanked, you are uhm… definitely feeling. Spanking can release tension and this allows me to cry. I am a big fan of tears.

Vulnerability is sexy and I find nothing more vulnerable than a pile of pretty girl mush, tears and a very red ass.

Yours truly,

deMandie Rae


demandie rae fetish model

To watch deMandie Rae get spanked, surf on over to PunishedBrats.

And also, be sure to visit deMandie Rae’s website.

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