Exclusive! An Interview with Spanking Star Gigi Allens !

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From working as a strict Domme to starring in adult films to getting wicked hot spankings on multiple sites within the Clare Fonda Spanking Network, including a deliriously delicious debut on the domestic discipline site Spanked Sweeties, the gorgeous Gigi Allens, originally from Australia, is on track to rock the spanko world & adult biz. 

We here at CRR chatted with Gigi, learning about her penchant for potato chips, Duran Duran and, of course, smouldering hot, well-spanked bottoms.  BTW she loves to spank, too!

gigi allens spanking
Will Gigi Allens ever learn to be a good girl?    And by the way, “Momma” Clare Fonda is most definitely back in the spanking biz, as seen here in a classic Mom-Daughter domestic discipline scene, playing now only at Spanked Sweeties, with naughty daughter Gigi Allens getting punished, tiny shorts tangled at her ankles.  Bad gurl Gigi is in 3 smouldering domestic scenes for Sweeties, two of which she’s rockin’ tiny daisy dukes, and she’s interviewed as well about her real-life spanking experiences.    Def. a must-see!!

Thank you Gigi for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report!

That’s no problem at all…happy to do it 🙂

gigi allensI was reading about your background, and understand you have previously worked as a Domme in a dungeon in Australia — what was that experience like?

Some of my fondest memories are of working in the Dungeon here in Sydney, Australia. It was such an amazing melting pot of people — both the lovely Mistresses who worked there and the clients who came in.

I started in the Dungeon quite young so I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about BDSM and discover who I was sexually in relation to BDSM in such a wonderful environment.

Unfortunately the last dungeon I worked at, Salon Kittys, closed down about a year ago after having been in business for 27 years.

When did you first discover that you had a strong interest in the spanking kink?

My interest in spanking and punishment as a whole certainly stems from childhood. My parents, rightly or wrongly, were strict disciplinarians. This evoked in me an urge to understand punishment as a whole — where it stems from and how it can be used in different forms.

Now as an adult I love to role play punishment scenarios involving spanking. Sexually related spanking is something I also enjoy with trusted partners. I love to give spankings, both to males and females.

gigi allens riding cropHave you always been fascinated by BDSM as well?

Yes, always. Again this is something most likely related to my childhood and upbringing. I suppose growing up I saw a lot of power struggle and this really sparked an interest in the idea of a ‘top’ and a ‘bottom.’

spankedsweeties gigi allens
Gigi Allens candidly discusses her spanking experiences in great detail, in an interview playing now at SpankedSweeties.

Similarly, I have always had an interest in fetish related clothing…latex, suspenders and stockings, stilettos.

To me the ‘art’ of clothing is a very important part of fetishism and working as a model in my early teens, I idolized fashion designers who brought an aspect of fetish to their clothing i.e. designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Gaultier, McQueen.

And how did you make the transition from your BDSM work to adult films?

It was a very natural progression, but also probably quite abrupt. I simply decided one day that what I was doing privately in the Dungeon with clients needed to be immortalized on film.

I went a little further and decided to also do mainstream pornography and have sex on film. Once I made that decision I packed my bags and headed to LA.

So I think everyone is pretty much luvin’ your domestic discipline scenes with SpankedSweeties, and you as a misbehaving stewardess on GirlSpanksGirl, and the other scenes as well in the Clare Fonda Network.   I’m also digging the naughty sorority girl video as well and the recent sizzling update for Spanked Call Girls…..Just wondering how you got hooked up with these spanking sites, and what the experience was like overall?

I am agency represented, so I was introduced to the production company behind these sites through my agent. Honestly, the experience has been unbelievable.

It is a crew I love to work for and I always know I will have a great day working with them. Plus they bribe me with potato chips!

spanking gigi allens
Misbehaving Gigi Allens, playing a naughty airline hostess on Girl Spanks Girl, gets her bodacious bottom blazed.

Will you be shooting more spanking scenes in the future? We hope Yes!

Absolutely, my spanking days are not over yet. The only thing I have to be wary of is any marking I get, as I have got into a bit of trouble for turning up to a shoot with a marked bottom (I was so busy shooting I actually didn’t realize until I got to set).

gigi allens modelHopefully one day I will be able to turn up to mainstream sets with a marked bottom and it will be accepted. After all I shouldn’t have to hide my true colours. So I hope your readers look out for that scene! 😉

How did you like working with Clare Fonda?

Clare is so unbelievably lovely and funny — it’s insane. She was so pleasant to work with and a great actress…she played the part of my Mum and Grandma so well on Spanked Sweeties, that it was kind of scary!

And what was it like turning the tables, and you spanking Clare, over your knee?

I was almost too scared to spank her! All of a sudden I had the great Clare Fonda bent over my knee and it was my job to desecrate her!

sweeties gigi allens spanked
Gigi’s naughty, too tiny daisy duke jean shorts are no match for Mom’s strict hand, though the skimpy denim eventually gets tugged down, of course, for a bare bottom tanning.  Pic courtesy of Spanked Sweeties.   Naughty Gigi also wears an even tinier pair in another Sweeties scene.

The jean short-shorts you are rockin’ on Sweeties are tremendous! [Pictured above]. I assume you love wearing those miniscule jean shorts? ^_^

Haha, well I’ve grown up in Australia. It’s just what Australian girls do!! 🙂

Generally speaking, what is your favorite way and/or position to get spanked?

My two favourite ways would have to be over the knee or over a table.

Do you have any favorite implements or least-fav implements?

gigi allens adult starI really enjoy paddles and ‘cat o nine’ tails. Least favourite would have to be the wooden spoon and the cane. I had a Master for about a year who would cane me and stripe me. It was fun while it lasted but I certainly am not a fan of the cane anymore.

I would take severe beatings and one day something just switched inside me and I couldn’t take it anymore.

When you are not working as an adult star, what are some your everyday interests and obsessions and passions and such?

Up until very recently I was actually studying Law, so that took up much of my time. I deferred my studies to work in the Adult film industry.

And I am passionate about writing, and obsessed with getting Gigi Allens out there and interested in making a difference — I’m not sure how exactly, but I want my work in Adult films to have a positive impact and allow me to help others in some capacity.

Women’s rights and education about physical and domestic violence is something I feel very strongly about as well.

Two stunners: Clare Fonda and Gigi Allens in a wicked delicious new update from Spanked Call Girls.

Is there a major celebrity or rock star that think could use a spanking, or perhaps that you’d like to spank yourself?

I’d love to bend Justin Bieber over my knee and give his pert little bottom a good spanking!

model gigi allensNice! Any cool music, cool tunes playing on your iPod these days?

Songs I’m enjoying right now include, Depeche Mode; Master/Servant; Duran Duran; The Chauffeur (seriously awesome music video) and Notorious; also getting into Iggy Azalea – she too is Aussie.

So what does the future hold in store for Gigi Allens?

Hopefully good things! And lots more spankings to come.

Sweet! Where and how can your fans follow you? 

Right now Twitter as well as Instagram are my main ports of call. [Twitter: https://twitter.com/GIGIALLENS & Instagram: http://instagram.com/gigiallens].

However I set up a fan-mail email which is gigispornjunkies@gmail.com

Thanks for having me!

It’s been a true pleasure! Thank you Gigi 🙂

***All spank sites mentioned in this article can be accessed via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass. ^_^

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  1. I appreciate all the nice things Gigi has said about the Cameraman and I and it’s good to know she’s very into 80’s music. Spanking fans are really appreciating her and we were lucky to get to know her. I hope she gets to meet my pets next time we shoot her.

  2. Gigi Allens is super smart, stunning, funny, sexy, sweet, hard working, has a great bum, beautiful face, can take and give a hard spanking. She is either a robot or the perfect human being!

  3. long time no post, whats up dave? great interview as always! they do some great spanking scenes on Clare’s sites! Gigi is one hot and naughty tushy goddess! she is definitely a hiney hall of famer! hopefully she gets those hot buns toasted alot more in the future! I’ll try to post more comments in the future, sorry, but either way I always check out the Cherry Red Report at least once a week! U Da Man Dave!

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