Exclusive SpankRed3D SneakPeak: Justice is Served!

Exclusive sneak peak– you are seeing this illo here at CherryRedReport first.  Coming soon from the pervy masterminds behind the always intriguing SpankRed 3D — a new judicial-themed series, as the heavy hand of the law is no match for this misbehaving lass, as she faces the unforgettable, firm-handed justice of the judge, jury, and executioner.

spankred 3d spanking artwork**Also stay tuned for a forthcoming cherryred interview with SpankRed3D.

spanking art spankred3d

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive SpankRed3D SneakPeak: Justice is Served!”

  1. I would consider becoming a member if you could you PLEASE advise SpankRed.com3d to change their CC Billing ID (The name that appears on the credit card statement from “CCBill UK Spanking” to something a bit less detailed. If a credit card company calls about the charge you have to admit you ordered it, everybody at the CC Company knows exactly what you ordered, maybe your local bank, etc. I could think of a hundred alternatives and none have the word spanking in them.


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