Cherry Red Exclusive: Gigi Allens On Spanking Male Ass

Not only is Australian stunner Gigi Allens a top-notch spankee, as seen, for example, on SpankedSweeties, Ms. Allens knows how to give what she gets, as evidenced in several sizzling FemDom scenes playing now at Clare Spanks Men, which is also available via the multi-site Clare Pass.

gigi allens spanking
GET over my knee. Now!

So we asked Gigi Allens a few questions on spanking male ass. [In case you missed, check out a previously posted cherryred interview with Gigi.]

How do you compare the experience of spanking a misbehaving guy vs. spanking a naughty female?

I suppose that I sometimes get a little bit more excited about spanking a male as opposed to a female. Only because it breaks the stereotype of men being the dominant player.

And I do love asserting myself as a strong, empowered female. That being said, we are only playing with societal stereotypes here…


Do you have a different technique, and does it make you personally feel/react differently, as a Top? as a spanker?

Usually when I spank a female I am slightly more caressing and gentle in between spanks. A few different techniques I like to implement basically include what I would dub the gentle spank where I caress the bottom in between smacks working up to hard smacks or the more brutal style in which I remain stern and hard-striking throughout the entire spanking.

And I can be a very cruel Mistress when required — but my natural style is to be both stern and loving.

Do you enjoy spanking Males as much as Females, or do you have a preference?

As I said, spanking a male does excite me a little bit inside…but I do also very much enjoy spanking Females also.

gig spanks femdommeDo you think more naughty guys need discipline? I believe you mentioned Justin Beiber in a previous cherryred interview as in serious need of a trip over your seasoned lap.

Absolutely! Perhaps I should be employed by government entities to set wayward little boys like Beiber straight — via a good, hard spanking!

One thing I should say, however, is that I do not believe in corporal punishment as discipline outside the ‘play’ arena.

BDSM and spanking are a lot of fun…but only when it is between two consenting adults. However, I was raised by parents who used corporal punishment for disciplinary means and I think I turned out alright 😉 [Editorial Note: You can listen to Gigi candidly interviewed about these real-life spanking experiences on SpankedSweeties, fyi.]

Just was watching one of your F-M spanking vids at ClarespanksMen, and you really lay it down hard with the hairbrush!  Is that your favest implement and if so, why?

I just love the ‘thwack’ of the hairbrush. It makes the best noise and it fits so beautifully in the hand!

gigi FM spank
Gigi Allens strikes a stern pose with one of her favorite punishment tools: the old-fashioned hairbrush.

Do you find some implements work better with males vs females?

No I don’t think the implements are gender specific…more likely it differs from person to person. It really just depends on the type of pain the person can withstand.

Take the cane for example…a very specialized tool to use and it is not all that often that you come across someone eager to receive strokes of the cane. But when you do, it’s worth its weight in gold…I love administering a good caning on a willing party!

clarespanksmen otk

You are also outstanding at verbal punishment and scolding–where/how did you pick up your techniques?

I think my ability to scold comes from a few areas; firstly my parents – my Mother was British and had a wicked, scolding tongue, she could paralyze you with fear just by talking which really is a brilliant tool.

And my Grandmother who was raised in Syria – a country where women have been very oppressed, so her style of discipline was very interesting and she too possessed a sharp tongue.

And lastly my penchant for going out with real ‘bad boys’ – those who can control a situation with words as opposed to violence – I’d eavesdrop on certain scenarios and learned a lot.

Thank you Dave 🙂

It’s a true pleasure–thanks so much Gigi Allens!

clarepass jack

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  1. Dave ,young Gigi is a lovely spankee girl ,love her chats to Clare relatingher spankings growing up and her spankings now with other girls ,bestTim.

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