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Thank you SpankingToons for taking the time to chat with The CherryRedReport. I must say, I love your art — it has a fresh original look, combines good humor, sexy fun and your illos are just, well, wicked hawt.  

Thanks a lot, man! It is very appreciated 🙂

Do you focus mainly on F-F in your spanking work? And would you ever consider a M-F or other niche down the road?

I will always stick to F/F, it is my favorite! I also feel M/F and F/M have plenty of artists covering those sectors already — so my art will always cover the smaller F/F section of the spanking art world.

badgirlJust to rewind a bit, how did you get into drawing spanking art?  Are you a professional illustrator as well or ?

I am a professional artist, mainly work in games and apps these days! But how I got into spanking art… hmmm, well, I love doing pinup work!

And spanking is by far my favorite topic, so here and there I would incorporate spanking into my pinup work.

Eventually people started contacting me about commissions for spankings.

So a few months ago I decided to create an entire Tumblr site towards spanking art and pinups. It’s a mixed base of ideas I have as well as commission work 🙂

BTW, you deliciously also incorporate a lot of sizzling aspects of ageplay, temp-taking, mouth-soaping, diapers, etc, in addition to cherry-red glowing bottoms — seems that you like to keep it pretty edgy and naughty? 🙂

Haha, yup! I consider the ’embarrassment’ aspect of spanking my favorite part. I think the Miku and Bridgette commissions I have done best represents it, the concept of women in their thirties who were cruel and corrupt being dropped many pegs after having moved back home.

Their humiliated reaction to being spanked in their thirties and made to dress in immature (or no) clothing has always been a fun concept — I like that more then just a straight up spanking.

I also like the maternal discipline they go through as an adult, especially for the Miku and Bridgette characters who formerly used to ruled their worlds with an iron fist now bawling over their ‘Mommy’s’ laps, often in front of the people they once picked on. A lot of the commissions I have made for people offer further fun ’embarrassing’ ideas I never thought of!


Who are some artists in this cherry-cheeked spanking niche that you really dig? 

There are lots of artists I love and think are amazing! Some none spanking artists that influenced me are Bruce Timm, Shane Glines, Bill Pressing and John K! They have all been huge inspirations to me.

In the spanking scene I always loved the work of Eve, though she hasn’t updated in a while! I love Kami-Tora’s FF spanking pics, even though it’s one of his more rare subjects to hit, but when he does they are amazing.

There are many spanking illustrations I love but don’t know the artists name to, unfortunately. There are tons of artists I have seen in the spanking scene I find amazing.


How long does it take you to draw a full-color spanking illo, and what techniques do you use? I mean, is it done on paper or computer or ?

Oh man, it can take a long time, LOL. On average, I’d say for a full colored image it’s 4-7 hours.  Commissions tend to have a list of stuff the buyer wants, so it’s fun to make sure I hit every theme and how to incorporate them.

I also constantly touch up little aspects of the pics, which can take up a bit of time. Sketches are quicker, but they vary in the time they take to make too.

As for my method, I do everything in Photoshop. So first I make a sketch, then you flip it and fix anything that’s off, then I redraw it clean, then sometimes I use the pen tool isf someone wants it sharper and cartoonier, then I color, then I add shadows and lights (usually simple shadows and lights in my work), then I polish it.

spankingtoons commissions

I understand you are currently taking commissions? How is that going and how can readers contact you ? You must get some wild and fascinating requests??

They can get a hold of me at spankingtoons@hotmail.com

Haha, and yes I do get interesting requests! Most the people I have worked with on spanking commissions are really great and have a specific kink they have that no one has tapped into yet! I also should note I only do F/F commissions.

I will also say I do have rules and reserve the right to refuse commissions, My main rule is I will never make a commission involving a character under 18, this includes spanker, spankee, and even witnesses. I absolutely disagree with underage spanking. You can have an adult character spanked wearing a frilly dress and diaper while sucking on a pacifier, that doesn’t bother me at all, but they have to be over 18.


Any future plans for SpankingToons that we should be looking forward to?

It’s mainly going to be commissions for a bit as my free time is becoming more scarce, but that means it should be quite random in terms of themes! I will say people love using Miku and Bridgette in their commissions, so you will always see them! I will keep updating at least once a week so keep checking out the site if your interested 🙂

Thanks so much for your time, and keep up the amazing work ^_^

You are most welcome! Thank you for the interview and kind words!

For more info, surf on over to SpankingToons.

spankingtoons illo

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