Clare Fonda Dishes the Scoop on New Sweetie Persephone

Persephone Adams

I asked Clare Fonda for her take on the newest super cute Sweetie, Persephone Adams, who recently made her spanking debut at the old-fashioned domestic discipline Spanked Sweeties site.  And I asked Clare if this petite spankette is really the most dimunitive Sweetie in history??

“Well, to answer your question, she is one of three very tiny sweeties that I recall. And I have small hands and there are three girls over the years at SpankedSweeties, whose bottoms my hand basically covered.

“An Asian model about 7 years ago by the name of Lystra was tiny…..[pictured below].

lystra spankedsweeties“And then there was Odette Delacroix [pictured below…]

odette delacroix spanked“And now we have Persephone Adams.  Persephone took a good spanking. Her bottom was really marked up and it really did not help her that her cheeks, even together, were not much bigger than my hand.

“Our cameraman met Persephone via adult film star Courtney Shea.  And Persephone 035really has a warm vibe about her though — and she knew I was just doing my job.

059“She is very submissive and gave me a tight hug at the end of the shoot. I’m planing to shoot her for Naughty Diaper Girls and I know she will fit into the same tiny diaper Odette did.

“As far as her Sweeties shoot, she sure did have a lot of different instances of being spanked and I feel like we could shoot her again. She was spanked by her mom, dad and 045grandma and it’s hard to picture her being so bad but I would think she has changed.

022“But she’s very real and honest and I think I could pick her up!  I mean, literally.

“Oh dear–I hear our country does not know what that literally means — I’m talking about throwing her over my shoulder and marching her off to her room for a spanking!”

For more info, surf on over to SpankedSweeties 🙂 or…..visit the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass. ^_^

Spanked Sweeties domestic discipline

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