A Pictorial Tribute to Spanking Star Lola Marie

UK-based spanking and adult star Lola Marie is a stunner, and has shot for a deliciously wide array of purveyors of wickedly hawt spanking erotica.

spanking model Lola Marie
Exquisite imagery of Lola Marie courtesy of Dreams of Spanking.

So we here at CRR thought we’d blog up a bloggystle tribute…..Below is just a small yet cherryredtatic sampling of some of her bun-burning work.  You can follow Lola Marie on twitter and for more info, visit her Adult Work site.

lola marie spanking model
Beautiful.  Image courtesy of Dreams of Spanking.

Spanking pix after the jump——->


triple a spankingA sassy cheerleader gone astray always needs firm correction.  From Triple A Spanking.

dreams lola marie

Disciplined must be maintained.  Via Dreams of Spanking.

English SpankersPlaid skirts and snug white panties are always an unbeatable combo.  From English Spankers.

tawsing lola marieAn old-fashioned, Victorian-era, bloomers-down tawsing via Pandora Blake from Dreams of Spanking.

spanking model Lola Marie

Pink suits Lola Marie quite well, as does cherry red of courseFrom Spanking Sarah.

english spankers otk lola marieGlorious.  From English Spankers.

lola marie spanking model cheerleaderA cheerleader has a discussion with Mr. Hairbrush.  From Triple A Spanking.


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