Live in Concert: Miley Cyrus Spanking Her Own Ass

spanking miley cyrus butt

…but damn, she needs a real one so freakin’ bad. . .Perhaps Katy Perry could tan that ass.

spanking miley cyrus

Forthcoming in the editorial pipeline:

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2 thoughts on “Live in Concert: Miley Cyrus Spanking Her Own Ass”

  1. I admit it, I fantasize about spanking Miley Cyrus. Don’t tell anyone. She gets a lot of ridicule, but I think she’s pretty and hot. One of my fantasies: I would love to see Miley on a stage in front of a large audience, tied down naked, her bare ass up in the air, while a group of giggling girls with paddles take turns thoroughly tanning her pert, well-rounded behind. Miley would yell and bawl. Well-placed TV cameras would catch all the delightful spanking action and broadcast it to every home in America.

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