Victorian Spanking: Art by Brian Tarsis

One of the wicked kewl benefits of joining the newly re-designed ShadowLane website, besides the vids, pix, stories and more, is also complete access to a large red-assed archive of beautiful Brian Tarsis illustrations — one of the finest spanking artists in the biz. As a result, we will be periodically featuring Brian’s exquisite artwork on these pages. Enjoy!

brian tarsis shadow lane spanking

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shadow lane spanking

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One thought on “Victorian Spanking: Art by Brian Tarsis”

  1. Yes, in Queen Victoria’s good old days, the head of the household knew how to corporal punish a naughty woman. Up went her dress, down came her bloomers, and a spanking on her bare bottom followed. I wonder if Prince Albert, spanked Queen Victoria in this manner. I am sure there were times, when he needed to.

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