One thought on “New Spank Art by H-Bum”

  1. Quite possibly HBum’s best drawing yet! It is absolutely perfect. I see a wife, looking back at her smirking husband as his mistress teaches the hapless wife what is what and where she now stands in this relationship! The hairbrush stands ready to drive home the lesson across the mistress’s knee once the whipping is complete! From this point on, the wife will accept her status as psuedo-child at home, subject to discipline from her “parents” and will sleep in the guest bedroom! The mistress, however, will rule the roost and sleep in the bed of honor in the Master bedroom enjoying the husband’s carnal attentions. In the husband’s abscenece, the new occupant of the guest room will suffice as a forced lesbian submissive to the bored and wanting mistress! Yep, all that from one picture!

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