Robo-Spank: New Art by SpankingToons


Bun-blazing art by SpankingToons.

– – – – >P.S. New website alert — do check out Sarah Gregory’s wicked hot new Cheerleader Spanking site, for free preview vids and pix.

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3 Responses to Robo-Spank: New Art by SpankingToons

  1. Hi Dave! Both our posts featured a cartoon of the word “Smack!” today. What a coincidence! I’ve been blogging up a storm lately. After my early January health crisis, I took time off from working to get myself back into mental and physical shape. I’ve had time to write, write, and write. Things are going really well and I’m loving being back in the spank-o-verse. I’m so happy you’re still here. I hope you’re doing well!


  2. cherryred says:

    🙂 🙂

  3. Tim says:

    Abby glad you are back spankering with us .Huge spanks for the girl by the spanking robot who spanks girl s bots ,best , Tim .

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