Cherry Red Exclusive! Chatting with Jamie Foster aka: Clare Fonda on Cougar Porn, Man-Pets, Spanking Erotica, Stand-up Comedy & More!

Hot cougar Jamie Foster XXXIt’s so freakin’ fabulous to feature you once again on my website! You announced your retirement from the spanking scene way back in 2012 — in order to transition into mature cougar hardcore porn — but appear to have made a return to the spanko scene. But let’s get to that shortly….

Firstly, I must apologize in advance for my long-ass questions, but it’s been a while!

Anyway, I’m perving on all your smouldering personal websites, and they are hawt AF, like your hardcore/MILF/mature/cougar/live cam 5-year old website Jamie Foster Strips, CuteCougar, and even your own new, very funny, very explicit reality TV

jamie foster mature MILF cougar porn star
That is one smokin’ hot cougar.

show “Cougartown 818,” hosted by PornHub, which is kick-ass — that I just discovered on your Twitter the other day.

And you are even getting your blog on at JamieFosterXXX. 

I’m also seeing your hardcore work playing on ManyVids. In addition, adult webmasters can help promote your epic epicness via CougCash.

So anyway, what sparked your decision several years back to blaze your own trail into the hardcore porn world?

Your recently wrote on your Twitter that “it’s a great time to be alive and into taboo porn.”

I really got into hardcore porn to make money by doing something considered sleazy. It caters to my rebellious nature. Also, I had my own site with Jamie Foster Strips and I knew by doing mainstream porn, I could get more members on that set, as in “Where else is this woman?”

Jamie Foster Cougartown 818 playing now on PornHubWhat was the genesis for your own PornHub-hosted reality-style onlinle TV show “Cougartown 818” ???

I watched episode 1, and the show is lit like a mofo in the 818! It’s been called by one media outlet: “a quirky comedic look at her life in the San Fernando Valley, doing porn and pushing 50.”

“Cougartown 818” is just something I had to do. As you may know, I am a stand-up comedian of 20 years — and I see so much that is funny and weird in my life and I love to show that off.

The last two years I have had a show called Hello Cougar where I was having sex with younger men off Craigslist and filming the before and after interviews. It was both sweet and sick…..

“Cougartown 818” kicks it up a notch with casting couch style auditions of guys who want to do porn and show their faces, no shame in their game and also they may have a thing for cougars. I get some really good pro-am hardcore videos on my casting couch. It’s like “fuck a Fan” but the fans are hot. Sometimes other fetishes creep in.

And what will be the theme for the next episode of “Cougartown 818” ?

We drop “Cougartown 818” episode 2 on Valentine’s Day and it shows a lot of my cam show plus some casting couch material. I end episode 2 with a homage a loyal fan sent to me. It is cool that some people have been rooting for me since Y2k when I started in the spanking fetish.

I read on your Twitter that you have your own “man-pet”(?) who is new to porn–can you elaborate on what that’s all about ?

Jamie Foster XXX
Jamie Foster and her “man-pet.”

Man-pet is my good friend who was the director of photography on Hello Cougar. The studio was not taking advantage of his talents but I sure do.

He shoots and edits much of my stuff now although I work with several really good guys. Man-pet has his own videos and Twitter @hornyshindig. If you see me sucking a dick, there is a good chance it’s his.

Where do you get all the energy for all these wild, crazy-ass and super-fun explicit porno adventures? ? You seem to be living the life many of us only dream of !

Jamie Foster cougar porn starOh I think that real-life sex with the right person takes a lot more out of you — as a porn scene is usually only around 20 minutes.

And I have had sex with some dudes for two or three hours, longer than an 80’s movie — not to mention the emotional drama or falling in love, etc… I think porn sex is easy for the most part, then again, I don’t do anal.

You appear to be all about, generally speaking, a sexy ass cougar gettin’ her freak on with sexy-hawt younger dudes, and doing what she wants, when she wants, DIY-style… that your overall focus and theme?

Yes, I am open to a relationship, but the guy would have to be really cool.

BTW are you still involved in the diaper fetish on NaughtyDiaperGirls or no?

I am open to diaper videos but I no longer shoot for Naughty Diaper Girls. I still own the site though, and it is still active and people can join and get hundreds of downloadable vids.

So on to the spanking fetish…. 🙂

spanking legend Clare Fonda
Legend.  Graphic by CherryRedReport

On the cherry-red spanking side of your world, it was announced with great sadness on this website way, way back in 2012, that you were leaving the spanko scene to purse other fetish/Adult ventures.

“I am leaving the world of spanking. It is strictly a business decision my partner, The Cameraman, and I have come to after working together for 12 years.”

Then in 2012-ish, you starred in your red-assed return as “Momma” Clare Fonda in the smouldering Mom/Daughter-themed GirlSpanksGirl vid “A Mother’s Concern,” Parts 1 and 2, starring superstars Casey Calvert & Veronica Ricci.

And in 2014, you guest-blogged on this site a revealing & hilarious “5 Good Reasons to Get Back Into Spanking Besides the Spanking,” (i.e. the food, etc) :).

And currently, I’m now seeing you wonderfully kick ass, spank tails and blaze buns once again in the latest annual epic schoolgirl spank-fest for 2018 “Exclusive Education Year 12” — plus starring in scorching new spanking videos for Sarah Gregory’s Momma Spankings website, Triple A Spanking, et al.

Clare Fonda spanking naughty schoolgirls in Exclusive Education Year 12
As Snow Mercy looks on, Clare Fonda instills discipline in some unruly schoolgirls in the annual epic film shoot “Exclusive Education Year 12,” playing now on GirlSpanksGirl.

So are you officially “back” in the spanking scene??  And if so, what prompted your return?

Yes, I am back working as a spanking model but not a producer as the Cameraman, whom I am close friends (and neighbors) with, does a great job of running the Clare Fonda spanking empire we both built.

I am back because I get offered work and am in no position to turn down money in this economy!

I think spanking fans have always accepted me as an actress who likes spanking and does a good job in a scene even if I am not in the scene. There are a lot of intelligent people in the lifestyle who respect that I don’t pretend to be something I am not.

stand-up comic Sally Mullins
The multi-talented Jamie Foster also works the L.A. clubs as an award-winning stand-up comic.

Does the Cameraman still provide you with sushi platters from Trader Joe’s, as you mentioned on this website back in 2014?

No, but this is an official request for him to have one prepared for me at the February spanking shoot.

Duly noted. And are boyfriends still banned from the set at all times?

When he and I worked together, the main reason he banned dudes is cause it isn’t fair for someone’s guy to get an eyeful of the other model.

I just felt they were annoying. He still strives to keep them off set and it seems to work out well.

Will you be shooting any scenes for the F-M website ClareSpanksMen? Not sure if you still dig spanking male ass.

I think I will shoot for Clare Spanks Men before the year is out. One of the best shoots of last year was where I spanked Patrick, who I have done two hardcore sex scenes with. The Cameraman is good at turning porn stars into spanking models.

I’m sure many of my readers do not know that you also work as an award-winning stand-up comic. And I just recently watched some hilarious clips on YouTube. What got you into stand-up and how has that been going for you?

It’s great — it can just be hard to make money in LA as a stand-up but I cannot quit doing it. It really does complete me! I have hobbies, interests, ways to make money but comedy is really my life partner. I got into it at 30 and it feels like I married it. I turn 50 this year.

I know you are also an animal lover and into animal rescue, too. So how many pets do

Clare Fonda aka: Jamie Foster
Clare Fonda aka: Jamie Foster with her beloved “Goblin.”

you have? You described yourself as a “whore for hoarding.” 🙂

Right now I am sportin’ 4 dogs and 6 cats. A perfect 10.

Any future plans we should be aware of ?

Yes, I have a public sex clips store coming out with my man-pet in about a month. That is fun to shoot!

What’s the best, easiest way for fans to connect with you?

Hit me up via email at I also do a weekly webcam show for site members.

You really seem to have stepped into your own power and found your joy. I’m so happy for you.

I am happy for you too cause your blog and art is fun.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with the CherryRedReport!

All the best,

Clare Fonda network of spanking sites

Cherry Red Report adult spanking website


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  1. I think my favorite Claire Fonda video was when she paddled Snow Mercy and one of the early exclusive education videos. I also like the Shadowlane video where she shoved a toy in her butt. But she has many great videos on her site.

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