Help Me Party! This Website is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary !

I can’t believe it.

I usually don’t talk about myself too much on this spanking site, or typically pen very lengthy posts, but for some reason, here goes, when the inspiration strikes, go with it. . . .

This Adult consensual erotic spanking website, what just used to be a tiny ‘lil bloggy with 12 readers and barely any logical content, is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary !  Zoinks! 🙂

But fair warning, spanky peeps, this is a long-ass post, so maybe take it in a little bit at a time or what-not. . .

Anyway, I am extremely grateful to all of you, all the readers over the years, all the friends I’ve met in this close-knit and hotly smouldering, bun-blazing OTK spanking scene, for your kindness, generosity, good humor and general epic awesomeness.

Because life is better when it’s cherry red.

And I do LOVE and really appreciate when folks leave comments on what I hope are  engaging and intriguing, visually appealing posts….

And I like to have fun with this fetish, with fun graphics and whatnot, asking spanking models silly questions at times, etc. I don’t try to take it all that seriously, actually.

BTW I do read all comments, though comments have slowed down recently for some reason — but those comments encourage me, to keep going, to not to run out of gas. Stay motivated and driven.

(On a side note, can you tell I do certainly love playing around with fun spanky graphix in my cherryred graphix lab) 🙂

Been working on some new, wicked cool features on the site.

I recently added a customized, cool “Contact Me” form plugin tool, at the top right of this website, to make it super e-z for folks to stay in touch, give me feedback, story ideas, etc.  You can also subscribe via email, so you’ll get a brief email every time this site is updated.  Also worked on speeding up the load-time of the site, which is important to site visitors and to Google.  And digitally compressed over 15,000(!) images in this site’s massive archives, using a handy tool called “Smush It.”

Unfortunately, this book is not real. Wish it was tho. ‘Cuz it would immediately be listed priority #1 on my To-Read pile.

Speaking of additions, I re-designed my entire menu at the top of this site, adding new links and such, from mainstream Adult films to live Cam models.

Added an archival Interview page, that simply lists a spank-load of Q&A’s I’ve done over the years.

Added a tribute to one of my faves, Rosaleen Young, of course, with a large RY thumbnail photo gallery, featuring tons of expandable imagery of this exquisite spanking legend.

Working on totally updating/adding/expanding my link-list.  That’s a big time-suck.

And even just the other day, added a funky concept, a micro-donation tool called “Buy Me A Coffee,” powered by Ko-Fi with secure transactions by PayPal — to hopefully get a bit of financial support from this readership — as I’m thinking of buying my own dedicated server. That’s $$$.  Anyway, every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

But thing is, it’s just not that easy keeping a website going for this long, as many of you know.

In fact, spent hours going through my link list the other day, and found a boatload of blogs that had not been updated in YEARS — or spanko websites that were dead links. 🙁 So I thinned out and re-organized my “blogroll.” It’s a tedious, time-consuming but important task for webmasters.

Don’t you  just love being a spanko?


But blogger burnout is real.  The struggle is real.  And it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Anyway, I’ve learned a ton on the fly over the past decade — and want to pay it forward.

So if there are folks out there who are perhaps newbies and might have questions about the fetish, itself, or:

… to connect with other sites and models; or topics like link-building, site promotion, website security, piracy, basic graphic design, using Favicons, domain names, hosting companies, using Gmail, SEO (search engine stuff), WordPress, essential WordPress plug-ins, WordPress security, Twitter, FetLife, etc. — I am more than happy to help as best as I can.

Just reach out and ask.

So anyway, this decade has produced 1000’s of story ideas, some good, some awful and many never seeing the light of day.

That’s 1000’s of posts, articles, scores of interviews, spanking model spotlights, pulse-pounding artwork, wicked hot “spankables,” implement updates, celebrity guest bloggers, video reviews, random ramblings, of course, and more — all with the goal of helping keep the world cherry red.

Because when you get right down to it, We are all spankos.

Spankos for life.

We are a tribe and I’ve learned to become happy and much more comfortable with having this fetish. I think it kicks a lot of other fetishes’ butts, gotta’ say.

But lemme’ rewind a bit:

Some brief cherry red history.

When I was first started out back in, what was it, 2006, it was a fluke–why not try this spanko blogging thing out? What’s a blog? Why am I so into this spank thing anyway? So one day I made a tiny little blogspot blog hosted by Blogger, which was all the rage at the time.

FetLife rocks! The site is lit like a mofo! It’s the place to be for my fellow spankos or other kinky pervy fetishes you might have. Much more fun than Facebook…


Had not the slightest clue what I was doing, how to get traffic, how to trade links, what to write about — and what being a spanko was all about.  Didn’t know any tech stuff, such as the difference between post “categories” and “tags” and got myself all fouled up.

But I knew I had to keep going.

I was hard-wired with this fetish. Probably born with it even.

The much-debated “spanko-gene.”

Truer words were never spoken. I used some graphical airbrushing techniques to “cherry redden” this gorgeous hottie’s perfect bottom to a glowing, smouldering-hot cherry red hue.  And threw in the text. . .


I’ll never forget spanking star Amber Pixie Wells’ kindness and encouraging words in those early days.

Pixie was an established star and I was an innocent, somewhat clueless newbie. In fact, as I had no idea about graphics at the time, she designed my first ever blog header design–with cute little cherries on it. ^_^

But I learned on the fly, and eventually after a few years, made the big transition from a Blogger-hosted site to deciding on and buying my own domain name, finding a great, extremely reliable hosting company, and going live with CherryRedReport. So you therefore “own” your own content rather than having another host it.

On a side note: that’s why Tumblr is bad place to be, my spanky peeeps. They are NOT Adult-friendly, that’s their right of course to have that policy, and deleted my spanky Tumblrs with no warning, and de-activated my account.

Anyway, I was digging on  the “cherry-red” spanking theme, on my new site at the time. Cherry Red Report.  Not so overly obvious and kinda’ subtle. It was scary but I was growing and getting up to speed as fast as possible on this whole “blogging” thang’ and getting my spanko swag on.

However, I learned that Blogger is not that robust, and not really Adult-friendly, ‘cuz you don’t “own” your own content, and started teaching myself the very powerful, yet once you get the hang of it, fairly easy to use, software tool known as WordPress — the content mgt system that powers 30%(!) of the world’s websites.

And transferred my site’s content from Blogger to WordPress. That was kinda’ an anxious, scary day tho. But it worked out.

Brats are major problem. What to do? 😉


So fast forward a few years, and I’m no longer a tiny “blog.” 

I’m an established website that’s over 10 years young — and still going strong–and I have you, my dear readers, my friends, fellow bloggers and spanko industry peeps, and my pervy spanko fans to thank for that.  🙂

It’s not all been roses. There’s been some epic fails. But it’s OK to fail though.

About 7 years ago, I created a dedicated site with its own custom domain name, devoted to spankable hotties in daisy dukes. That was the entire sites theme!  Simple, huh.  Gotta’ a fetish for daisy dukes, what can I say.

The Daisy Dukes Report it was called, but it never gained a foothold and I failed to get it much traffic. Ran out of gas.

Frustrated, I freakin’ deleted the whole thing — which I now regret doing. But I moved on and focused my energies on the flagship cherryredreport website.

And I would NOT be here without your love.

And I have greatly appreciated all of your kind words and encouraging emails and tweets and such over the years. It means a lot.

I freakin’ love Clare Fonda–that feisty, wild-ass, hard-living cougar–and always will.


Speaking of email, out of 1000’s of emails over the years, everyone has been super cool and nice! Except just 3 people, actually.

I think that’s a damn good record that I’m proud of.  Though I’ll never forget who sent me those jerky-ass emails.  So that’s just 3 bad emails out of thousands and thousands of fantastic ones. Not a bad record, I’d say. I’m proud of that.

So here we are today.

And after the the previous year or so, where I had gone a tad bit quiet due to some personal health battles and such — I’m a fighter tho — I got my mojo back.

Something clicked, dunno how or why exactly.

And I’m re-invigorated for 2018. 

And have a heap of story ideas in the pipeline, guest blog posts, and heaps more — so stay tuned.

Thusly I’ve become much more active not only my own websites themselves, but also on FetLife–the must-join, absolutely massive online community, which is like Facebook but for kinksters. Brilliant website design.

Love re-purposing old vintage comics, and adding in my own spanktastic dialogue. I’m pervy that way.


And I’ve become more active once again on the blogs.  And on the forums.

And importantly, on Twitter, which is indeed Adult-friendly and I’m learning it’s a fab, though very addictive(!), powerful social media tool for connecting with like-minded folks.

Twitter can be a bit overwhelming however. It’s hard to keep up and and know when/what/how to tweet to my spanky tweet peeps. So I’m learning a new plug-in that simplifies the Twitter experience, called “Tweepsmap.”

And to rewind back in time again: About 6 years ago, I created another website — which is one of the VERY few sites devoted to M-M spanking:  There’s just a literal handful of other dedicated similar sites out there. Trust me, I’ve conducted a lot of research on this red-assed, dudes spanking dudes niche.

Spanking4Men now has a lot of fans and friends, and I’m proud of that.

Did not make this graphic. It’s brilliant though.

I also created a much smaller website that needs a fuckton of serious updating BTW — basically a simple thumbnail pic gallery site:

Finally, I have a website powered by HotMovies that provides tons of spanking vids available Streaming On-Demand for instant access (both XXX porny vids and spanky vids), and newbies can watch 20 minutes for free, and that’s at


However, this whole web thing has NOT been without major problems and challenges.


It’s easy to spend too much time on this stuff and get burned out, which I do quite often, so I have to be careful. I’m a passionate person and get hyper-fixated (I think that’s the word) on various website projects and often spend hours, without realizing it, on various projects, like re-organizing my “blogroll,” designing a new banner, checking my “back-links,” attempting to keep up with emails, and whatnot.

Speaking of burn-out, I’ve also seen many spanking models leave the scene over the years, such as Sierra Salem, Rosaleen Young, etc., and many websites go belly-up, all for a multitude of reasons.

On a positive note:

At the same time, stunning, fresh and NEW models are gracing the spanking scene with their delicious naughtyness and beauty, such as the recently profiled stunner “Cassidy Lau”— and cool new spank sites & new blogs are popping up all the time. 

The scene is growing, stronger than ever, and spanking is becoming so much more “mainstream” and than ever before.

There are other issues however in the world of being a spanko webmaster:


These f—–g evil hackers are not only trying to break into Fortune 500 companies every day, but they cleverly utilize automated “bots,” banks of computers & servers, to attack small websites like mine, with attacks coming in at every single hour of every day.  It’s a 24/7/365 issue.

So I have multiple security features installed — if you need help on this stuff, don’t hesitate to hit me up — which is mission-critical, to prevent hackers from inserting malicious “malware,” which would shut down my sites — they even endlessly try to guess my passwords, or-reset them, in order to break in using brute force attack strategies.

I get scores of automated email warnings from my security software every damn day, which then automatically bans their ISPs.  But they keep on coming…

These guys hunt down and terminate pirates with extreme prejudice.


This is complex topic, gonna’ leave this for another post down the road, but wicked briefly speaking, piracy is out of control.

It’s an epidemic.

Not only in the mainstream world (i.e. stealing music, software, etc) but in the fetish/spanking niche, where tons of sites original content is being stolen and criminally shared on sites, often hosted in foreign countries.

They use fraudulent credit card often to break into sites.  Assholes! So tons of fetish/adult/porn sites are seeing their revenue devastated. And many are going out of business.

It’s a full-on war with these pirates.

One I’m confident we will win.  Gonna’ write on this in the near future.

I’m consulting on the side with an anti-piracy company, that specializes in Adult content, and as you can tell, I’m super passionate about this issue.


Almost all of my friends and family don’t really know much about this website stuff or the spanking fetish, itself, and I’d like to keep it that way, for now, at least.   My vanilla peeps probably wouldn’t understand anyway.

It’s really none of their business, anyway, right? But it’s kinda not so easy to keep one’s passion hidden from others for such a long time.

Tribute poster I made in 2009 for Clare Fonda, and that is Lana in the middle, and Snow Mercy on the left, celebrating Clare’s annual “Exclusive Education” naughty schoolgirl spankapalooza epic spank fest. GirlSpanksGirl is currently now featuring Exclusive Education, Year 12.


It’s challenge keeping your website(s) going along with one’s “vanilla” day job and vanilla life.

Striking a correct balance at that sweet spot is not easy.

Staying up too late

As I mentioned earlier, I need to stop listening to music for hours and staying up into the wee, wee hours of the deep night and not getting enough zzz’s….That leads to burn-out.

But I often stay up late making fun new graphics, checking my Twitter or email, working on or researching future posts, that’s actually work, people — but it’s addictive though. It’s a passion, that’s the thing, for cherry red bottoms.

Well-spanked and steamy hot.

And besides, I think I’m more creative at night, like a lot of folks are….

The bottom line is: Spanking is, simply stated, wicked hot.

I’ll never forget one pro fetish model who told me years ago, why is spanking so hot? “It just is, Dave. It just is.”

Being a spanko is a passion that we all share. Together.

I love “spanko-sexualizing” the ubiquitous “motivational poster.” Anyone in need of some spanko-fueled motivation, behavioral or otherwise? 🙂


So wowzers, my goodness, this was a long-ass screed, so thusly, I think I’ll end this post right about now. . .

Been a decade of doing my small part to make the world a better place for cherryred hotness.  And I’ve essentially loved every minute of it, for the most part.

And as I like to say: Life is better when it’s cherry red.

I hope you are all still with me after this 2000-word somewhat rambling post, and trust you will help me celebrate this 10-year anniversary with joy and good cheer.  🙂

Again, thank you all. #grateful.

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6 thoughts on “Help Me Party! This Website is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary !”

  1. I am. Congratulations on reaching 10 years! It’s a mighty achievement, and you really should be proud.
    I don’t comment much, but I do read and enjoy. You should not underestimate the amount of pleasure that sites such as yours bring. Thank you, because it obviously takes considerable time and effort.

  2. The Cherry Red Report has been a strong, positive supporter and educator for the adult spanking community. Dave has a depth of knowledge and resources that help not only newbies but the experienced spankers as well. The Cherry Red Report is a must read for anyone who enjoys the lifestyle.
    All of us at Cane-Iac want to thank Dave for ten great years and we wish him all the best for another ten awesome years. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary. Sites like yours have aided greatly in the mainstreaming of all this. I discovered my spanking tendencies in the fifties and felt like I was the only person in the world even though there was quite a bit of on television which was in its infancy. This is a nice place to go to find other places, thanks for all you do and don’t party too much.

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