My God, I Just Had A Grand Mal Seizure.

Can’t believe this—I just had a grand mal seizure, while I was working on my computer very late at night…..

…….I froze and could not move.   My arms then would not stop shaking, and then I collapsed onto the ground and lost consciousness for several minutes.

I am devastated.

Had a seizure once before about 3 years ago.  It’s really bad.  It’s no joke.

Will need to get a brain scan. Will have to go into the hospital today, and see neurologists ASAP.

Grand mal seizures are very serious.

Will NOT be accessing email, Internet, Twitter, social media, Facebook, cell phone, anything, for a while, possibly week(s).  If someone asks about me, you can say I’m battling “serious chronic health issues.”

Please keep me in your prayers.  God help me through this. I have to battle and fight through this.  Thank you.

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