My God, I Just Had A Grand Mal Seizure.

Can’t believe this—I just had a grand mal seizure, while I was working on my computer very late at night…..

…….I froze and could not move.   My arms then would not stop shaking, and then I collapsed onto the ground and lost consciousness for several minutes.

I am devastated.

Had a seizure once before about 3 years ago.  It’s really bad.  It’s no joke.

Will need to get a brain scan. Will have to go into the hospital today, and see neurologists ASAP.

Grand mal seizures are very serious.

Will NOT be accessing email, Internet, Twitter, social media, Facebook, cell phone, anything, for a while, possibly week(s).  If someone asks about me, you can say I’m battling “serious chronic health issues.”

Please keep me in your prayers.  God help me through this. I have to battle and fight through this.  Thank you.

Help Me Party! This Website is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary !

I can’t believe it.

I usually don’t talk about myself too much on this spanking site, or typically pen very lengthy posts, but for some reason, here goes, when the inspiration strikes, go with it. . . .

This Adult consensual erotic spanking website, what just used to be a tiny ‘lil bloggy with 12 readers and barely any logical content, is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary !  Zoinks! 🙂

But fair warning, spanky peeps, this is a long-ass post, so maybe take it in a little bit at a time or what-not. . .

Anyway, I am extremely grateful to all of you, all the readers over the years, all the friends I’ve met in this close-knit and hotly smouldering, bun-blazing OTK spanking scene, for your kindness, generosity, good humor and general epic awesomeness.

Because life is better when it’s cherry red.

And I do LOVE and really appreciate when folks leave comments on what I hope are  engaging and intriguing, visually appealing posts….

And I like to have fun with this fetish, with fun graphics and whatnot, asking spanking models silly questions at times, etc. I don’t try to take it all that seriously, actually.

BTW I do read all comments, though comments have slowed down recently for some reason — but those comments encourage me, to keep going, to not to run out of gas. Stay motivated and driven.

(On a side note, can you tell I do certainly love playing around with fun spanky graphix in my cherryred graphix lab) 🙂

Been working on some new, wicked cool features on the site.

I recently added a customized, cool “Contact Me” form plugin tool, at the top right of this website, to make it super e-z for folks to stay in touch, give me feedback, story ideas, etc.  You can also subscribe via email, so you’ll get a brief email every time this site is updated.  Also worked on speeding up the load-time of the site, which is important to site visitors and to Google.  And digitally compressed over 15,000(!) images in this site’s massive archives, using a handy tool called “Smush It.”

Unfortunately, this book is not real. Wish it was tho. ‘Cuz it would immediately be listed priority #1 on my To-Read pile.

Speaking of additions, I re-designed my entire menu at the top of this site, adding new links and such, from mainstream Adult films to live Cam models.

Added an archival Interview page, that simply lists a spank-load of Q&A’s I’ve done over the years.

Added a tribute to one of my faves, Rosaleen Young, of course, with a large RY thumbnail photo gallery, featuring tons of expandable imagery of this exquisite spanking legend.

Working on totally updating/adding/expanding my link-list.  That’s a big time-suck.

And even just the other day, added a funky concept, a micro-donation tool called “Buy Me A Coffee,” powered by Ko-Fi with secure transactions by PayPal — to hopefully get a bit of financial support from this readership — as I’m thinking of buying my own dedicated server. That’s $$$.  Anyway, every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

But thing is, it’s just not that easy keeping a website going for this long, as many of you know.

In fact, spent hours going through my link list the other day, and found a boatload of blogs that had not been updated in YEARS — or spanko websites that were dead links. 🙁 So I thinned out and re-organized my “blogroll.” It’s a tedious, time-consuming but important task for webmasters.

Don’t you  just love being a spanko?


But blogger burnout is real.  The struggle is real.  And it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Anyway, I’ve learned a ton on the fly over the past decade — and want to pay it forward.

So if there are folks out there who are perhaps newbies and might have questions about the fetish, itself, or:

… to connect with other sites and models; or topics like link-building, site promotion, website security, piracy, basic graphic design, using Favicons, domain names, hosting companies, using Gmail, SEO (search engine stuff), WordPress, essential WordPress plug-ins, WordPress security, Twitter, FetLife, etc. — I am more than happy to help as best as I can.

Just reach out and ask.

So anyway, this decade has produced 1000’s of story ideas, some good, some awful and many never seeing the light of day.

That’s 1000’s of posts, articles, scores of interviews, spanking model spotlights, pulse-pounding artwork, wicked hot “spankables,” implement updates, celebrity guest bloggers, video reviews, random ramblings, of course, and more — all with the goal of helping keep the world cherry red.

Because when you get right down to it, We are all spankos.

Spankos for life.

We are a tribe and I’ve learned to become happy and much more comfortable with having this fetish. I think it kicks a lot of other fetishes’ butts, gotta’ say.

But lemme’ rewind a bit:

Some brief cherry red history.

When I was first started out back in, what was it, 2006, it was a fluke–why not try this Continue reading “Help Me Party! This Website is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary !”

Cherry Red Exclusive! Chatting with Jamie Foster aka: Clare Fonda on Cougar Porn, Man-Pets, Spanking Erotica, Stand-up Comedy & More!

Hot cougar Jamie Foster XXXIt’s so freakin’ fabulous to feature you once again on my website! You announced your retirement from the spanking scene way back in 2012 — in order to transition into mature cougar hardcore porn — but appear to have made a return to the spanko scene. But let’s get to that shortly….

Firstly, I must apologize in advance for my long-ass questions, but it’s been a while!

Anyway, I’m perving on all your smouldering personal websites, and they are hawt AF, like your hardcore/MILF/mature/cougar/live cam 5-year old website Jamie Foster Strips, CuteCougar, and even your own new, very funny, very explicit reality TV

jamie foster mature MILF cougar porn star
That is one smokin’ hot cougar.

show “Cougartown 818,” hosted by PornHub, which is kick-ass — that I just discovered on your Twitter the other day.

And you are even getting your blog on at JamieFosterXXX. 

I’m also seeing your hardcore work playing on ManyVids. In addition, adult webmasters can help promote your epic epicness via CougCash.

So anyway, what sparked your decision several years back to blaze your own trail into the hardcore porn world?

Your recently wrote on your Twitter that “it’s a great time to be alive and into taboo porn.”

I really got into hardcore porn to make money by doing something considered sleazy. It caters to my rebellious nature. Also, I had my own site with Jamie Foster Strips and I knew by doing mainstream porn, I could get more members on that set, as in “Where else is this woman?”

Jamie Foster Cougartown 818 playing now on PornHubWhat was the genesis for your own PornHub-hosted reality-style onlinle TV show “Cougartown 818” ???

I watched episode 1, and the show is lit like a mofo in the 818! It’s been called by one media outlet: “a quirky comedic look at her life in the San Fernando Valley, doing porn and pushing 50.”

“Cougartown 818” is just something I had to do. As you may know, I am a stand-up comedian of 20 years — and I see so much that is funny and weird in my life and I love to show that off.

The last two years I have had a show called Hello Cougar where I was having sex with younger men off Craigslist and filming the before and after interviews. It was both sweet and sick…..

Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive! Chatting with Jamie Foster aka: Clare Fonda on Cougar Porn, Man-Pets, Spanking Erotica, Stand-up Comedy & More!”

Stevie Rose & the Strap

Beautiful image of spanking star Stevie Rose’s bodacious thong-clad bottom.  Photo by Assume the Position Studios, and custom strap by the Correction Collection.  ATP delights the spanko senses by producing some of the finest spanking photography I’ve seen.  Stay tuned for more from this amazing studio, which also produces wicked hot spanking films as well, featuring such stand-outs as Casey Calvert, Christy Cutie, et al…

Spanking star Stevie Rose


– – ->New users, get 20 FREE minutes, and perv on over and check out the 1000’s of spanking videos streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies. And view some Editor’s Picks as well.

Cassidy Lau: A Pictorial Tribute to a Brunette Stunner “Spanko Switch” Spanking Star

spanking star Cassidy Lau aka: Sassy Cassy
Cassidy Lau aka: Sassy Cassy

I believe relatively new-ish to the bun-blazing spanking scene but a life-long spanko, you most definitely want to check out the work of the gorgeous, self-described “spanko-switch” Cassidy Lau aka: Sassy Lassy.  She is equally at home as both a strict Top and a beautiful bottom.

According to her Twitter profile: “Some call me a naughty brat, others say a cruel sadist. Mom of the #BratPack.” (sounds scary!).

Cassidy is no doubt equally at home wielding a stingy hairbrush — as well as squirming over the knee, getting her perfect, apple-bottom tanned cherry red!

In fact, she won “Best Spankee Newcomer” in the SpankingBlogg awards for 2017 — congrats Cassidy!

Cassidy Lau spanking star
That bottom though. . . .omg.

Anyway, she has shot some scorching work with, for example, the excellent Triple A Spankings, along with the red-hot Momma Spankings getting tanned by Clare Fonda, and having Mr. Rob play her old-fashioned “Daddy” on Delco Video Productions.

I’m sure this is just the start of what will be an illustrious career in the scene, no doubt!

In fact, she is planing to attend the mega-spank party: the Lone Star Spanking Party, coming up in May in Houston, TX.  In addition, Cassidy also attended Shadow Lane’s party last year.

And please do check out an insightful, candid interview with Cassidy on the “Someone’s Gonna’ Get It” blog.

Enjoy more sample photos below:

spanking Sassy Cassy aka Cassidy Lau
Sassy Cassy as the naughty daughter gets a hot spanking from her strict parents, including Mr. Rob on Delco Video Productions.
spanking Cassidy Lau
“Momma” Clare Fonda is about to introduce her misbehaving daughter to the hairbrush, in this must-see film playing now on Momma Spankings. Enjoy a very delicious free preview gallery from this movie.


spanking Cassidy Lau
Bent over the knee and then given a hot spanking and steamy leather strapping on Triple A Spanking, this flaming-hot film includes lots of close-ups of Sassy Cassy’s stunningly bodacious bottom.  Check out more spanky pix from this wicked hawt film in this free preview gallery.


spanking star Cassidy Lau
Imagine being draped over that lap and punished by a most stern-looking, hairbrush-armed Cassidy Lau? I can’t even. . .

P.S.  A sharp reader alerted me that Cassidy also appeared in a hot scene as a naughty cheerleader on Sarah Gregory’s Cheerleader Spankings site–check out a free preview gallery!

P.S.S.  Sassy Cassy also has appeared as a naughty daughter getting a hard spanking and her mouth washed out with soap(!) — Cassy’s first ever mouth soaping — by her Mom–check out this sizzling preview gallery from Momma Spankings!

For Crying Out Loud

Just received the final results via my highly scientific Twitter poll on real tears in spanko erotica.  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to leave a comment, thank you!

P.S.  Stay tuned for a very special & exclusive, enlightening feature on Clare Fonda.  I can’t even talk about it right now. 🙂  BTW she is currently starring in the excellent schoolgirl spank epic “EE12.” 

The Masterful Pin-Up Artwork of Keith Garvey

Just happened across this newly created digital pin-up masterwork at world-renowned artist Keith Garvey’s website GarvGraphx.  This naughty schoolgirl is beyond spankable! 🙂 I’m planning to post more of his spanktastic imagery soon. Stay tuned!

Erotic art by Keith Garvey

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