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Anime OTK. kamitora – paper tiger. kamitora – boards @ ??

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cherry red movies

Check out all the latest, most sizzling spanking movies Now Playing at

From OTK to XXX: Brea Bennett

Mom is not too pleased with her incorrigible, fresh and naughty daughter, from a SpankedSweeties video shoot, nor apparently her choice of skimpy g-string panties. Thusly, impossibly tight jeans eventually end up in a useless bundle of worn denim at her ankles.

[Editor’s Note: I decided to re-edit and repost this article, as I had originally posted it about 3 or 4 months ago when I had, at the time, a brand new little blog, not a clue as to what I was doing, and boasted a readership of about 12.
Also, I was skimming through Clare’s Spanked Sweeties site and got all nostalgic and weepy about Brea Bennett, who made a brief foray in otk before skipping out to the adult XXX world.

She has since become an adult film mega-superstar. Be that as it may, Clare’s spank-vids with the very reactive, expressive Brea featured some of my favest elements: strict maternal scenes along with tiny jean short-shorts(gasp!) and jeans, and a truly wonderful spankee.]

The World of Brea Bennett

Brea exhibiting the time-honoured, iconic bottoms-up position in an adult-film photo.

One immediately knew there was something special about this stunning spankee, Brea Bennett, who was featured in just a few spanking movies (moderate spankings, yet quite sexy and realistic in my view) for Clare Fonda. Brea was just a natural.

Brea was a “gentle squirmer,” as Clare wonderfully recalls. Arched and wriggling delightfully over a lap, she is so very reactive, very verbal in a highly realistic yet sexy way.

Unfortunately for the spankosexual community, Brea pulled off a major career 180-degree turn and made the big jump quite successfully, to say the least, into adult film superstardom, hooking up with mega-star Jenna Jameson and Playboy, among other companies. Naughty girl! I do wonder if there’s any spanking shenanigans in her adult films. . .

Brea in short-shorts? Are you kidding? Naturally I recently featured Brea on The Daisy Dukes Report.

The Cherry Red Report asked Clare Fonda what it was like working with Brea — and tanning that perky bottom.

How did you end up working with Brea Bennett?

We got her through an agency called LA Direct Models. I was surprised when the agent said she would shoot for us, as she looked so delicate and looked like the kind of girl who is not experienced in fetish modeling.

She seemed very “into it” and her reactions seemed very “real.” Is that rare to find?

To be honest I think a lot of girls bring some genuine reactions to the scene but Brea’s were unique in that she reacted not too much and not too little either way. She seemed unaware of the camera and more tuned in to the actual scene. Sometimes adult actresses look directly at the camera too much, but that wasn’t a problem with her.

What was it like having her over your lap?

Very pleasant. She was light and a gentle squirmer. She seemed to enjoy being treated with consideration as I took care not to mark her for other shoots she had that week. It did feel very real though. She was 18 so age-wise she could have been my daughter so I think were were both completely in the moment. I would say she is very graceful even when she is wiggling and has beautiful smooth skin.

Why did she leave the spanking industry?

She got a contract with Club Jenna I believe to work exclusively with Jenna Jameson so doing spanking shoots and getting marked would have been a problem. We were the only spanking company we shot with so we were lucky. I get so much fan mail on her.

All photos courtesy of Spanked Sweeties.

A Vintage Spanking Letter from 1957

This is one of the most fascinating pieces of “spankobilia” I have seen.

This very, very naughty handwritten vintage letter from “Cora” included below (click on the pages for a better view) from 1957 detailing some classic spanking fantasies in great detail was discovered by a top-notch blogger over at Young Lady’s Diary, where I first saw this letter.

This fine blog features some beautifully-written, very thoughtful writing on our favorite topic, and is certainly worthy of visiting, saying hello, and adding to your link list.

She has informed CRR that she found the letter on a non-fetish site of general vintage photos and ephemera called . . .

This short missive fascinates me for many reasons, but essentially it’s a unique window into our fetish from over 50 years ago — evidence to the terribly obvious fact that these fantasies we share and treasure are simply timeless, and universal. One gets a similar feeling browsing through the treasure trove of sepia-toned fetish and spanking imagery over at VintageSpank.

The letter is evocative of a simpler time perhaps, with no blogs and fetish sites and spanking industry parties, no iPods and ubiquitous cell phones and instant chat, a simpler time where an intimate, hand-written note could possess such intoxicating power.

And I’m sure Cora got her spanking. Don’t you?

Thanks again to Young Lady’s Diary for uncovering this gem — and for her kindness in letting me share it as well on my blog.

Would love to get reader’s feedback, thoughts and comments.

An amazing, classic and very vintage otk photo courtesy of VintageSpank. He’s got quite the grip on this upended beauty.

Pervy and Squirmy

Hmm….let’s see what the heck is going on in this image….well, maybe the spanker, hired from the friendly neighborhood dungeon, is a very kinky babysitter with a bit of a thing for latex and red rears?

Whatever the case may be, this is one of the most unusual yet curiously intriguing fetish/spanking photos that I have seen. This pro-shot image seamlessly blends S&M, spanking and ageplay in a highly pervy, squirmy fashion.

I’m curious what readers think of this photo ? — certainly not the typical, run-of-the-mill, cliche spanking image. (If anyone has more info on this image and/or the photographer, kindly send me a shout.)

I didn’t pay my brain bill this month, so I’m having probs thinking of a good, possibly humorous caption for this photo this moment, but feel free if you are so inclined….

What Makes a Great Spanking Photo ?

As a lifelong, born-with-this-kink spankosexual who has viewed an endless self-imposed onslaught of spanking photos of every variety and vintage, I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to to analyze why certain photos really intrigue me — and if those photos that I love do indeed share common characteristics.

(Editor’s Note: In a CRR first, I am actually going to try to write a post with no graphics or photos (gasp!), ironically, in a post about photos.)

Certain images grab me from the get-go — you know the feeling — from stunning vintage black & white photographs to many of today’s super high-res images. At the same time, heaps of images completely turn me off or just totally disinterest me.

The good thing about a great photo, just like a fine work of fiction, your mind rambles and wanders around aimlessly (well, at least mine does) and does all the naughty work at imagining what exactly might be happening.

Anyway, many of the finest photos share, in my opinion, many of the following general characteristics and qualities. I know a lot of these are probably, like, duh, no-brainers, but what the heck — it’s my blog and I’ll blog if I want to.

Would love to hear if any readers out there have any additions, subtractions to this list, or any other thoughts on this topic. Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

I want to emphasize a great photo does not need to have all of these, but a few always help. (I am referring to both M/f and F/f photos which I seem to equally enjoy.)

1. Reactions and Expression. Attitude is everything and perhaps the most important. A look of shame or surprise or defiance on the face of the spankee adds a crucial dimension to the discipline. A look of concentration or focus and no-nonsense determination from the Top certainly makes a photo hotter. Or even one of a spankee waiting, worried, expecting — or getting a good scolding. We’ve all seen yawn-inducing images where the spankee and/or spanker look bored as all heck (“For Pete’s sake, is this what I have to do to make it into Vogue?”) Also, when the spanker looks totally in control, and the spankee looks like she’s not going anywhere for a while, that’s a plus.

2. Attire. First of all, if the spankee is totally naked, it’s usually not as sexy, as that removes some of the suggested realism and embarrassment of discipline and punishment. I’m no fashionista, but, for example, snug jeans tugged down to a tangled bundle of worn denim at the ankles–that’s hot. Or panties in a useless bunch at mid-thigh adds a dose of naughty, spankosexual realism. Visual cliches perhaps, but powerful nonetheless. Denim shorts or pink panties (or, heaven forbid, thongs!) getting warmed, a cheerleader’s skimpy skirt tugged up, a brat squirming OTK in just a tight t-shirt and pink socks — it’s all in these little details.

3. The Naughty Bits. Spanking for numerous reasons epitomizes eroticism and sexuality. Am I master of the obvious or what? Anyway, I’d go so far as to say it’s the foundation of my sexuality. So when a cute perky blushing bottom is arched over a strong lap, and a pouting kitten is on display and possibly purring a bit, I find a pic a lot more, obviously, sexy. The spankee’s in a totally exposed position, naughty bits on display for all to see and admire. Basically, a great photo typically has an undercurrent of sizzling eroticism and sexually-charged energy.

4. Positioning. The position of the punishment is key. The bottom arched up perfectly (with the naughty bits on view, see #3), preferably in the intimate, time-tested over-the-knee format. The spanker’s hand gripped tightly around the spankee’s waist. Again, it’s all in the details. Intriguing positions besides OTK are a plus, too.

5. Realism. If the spanker has a massive boat oar or some 99-cent plastic fly-swatter from WalMart, that’s a waste of some good pixels. On that note, I find many of those now ubiquitous candid birthday-style spanking photos