“Yanko Spanko” Vintage Cigar Label from 1898


Info from Heritage Auctions: “Yanko Spanko Cigar Inner Label Proof by F. Heppenheimer’s Sons. What good stuff for the patriotic smoker of 1898!

“Uncle Sam, wearing a sailor’s cap and defiling the Spanish flag, spanks a mutton-chopped embodiment of Iberian imperialism. Simultaneously in the background, the U.S. Navy metes out punishment to the Spanish fleet.”

Need a Spanking and a Refreshing Beverage? Why, Yes I Do

Found this vintage ad floating around the Interwebs and thought it was real, at first blush. Alas, a clever spanko creatively replaced the original slogan, even matching the original font [I believe the original text was “alley-oops”] with the cherry red flavored one below.

vintage spanking advertisement


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Editors Picks

Super Cool Hairbrush Advertisement


Photo by Scott Wright

Sometimes a hairbrush is just a hairbrush.

Or is it?

Anyone desire a paddle hairbrush adorned with skulls or zebra stripes in your Christmas stocking? I do! These striking print ads for a haircare company absolutely got the old spanko senses tingling…..[I would assume the photographer and ad company did indeed realize the subtle fetishistic overtones of this image ?]

Photo by Scott Wright

 * * *

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From Firm Hand Spanking, Alison Miller’s elfish attitude earns her a festive, seasonal leather strapping on her perfect posterior:

And Tom Byron, the adult film star who is no stranger to the cherry red proclivity, gets deliciously tanned by 3 gorgeous ladies.  If you are looking to see Tom get his spank on, check out the butt-blazing domestic spanking film “Bad Girls” starring Kat St. James and Sarah Gregory. A must-see if you like stern, traditional Daddy scenarios. And pajamas. And glowing buns.

Speaking of pajamas, perv over to this wonderful piping-hot Sarah Gregory Santa spanking pic set.

Triple A Spanking gets into the holiday spirit with this Xmas-themed gallery.

Looking for some classic spanking films to ward off the seasonal blues? Check out the American Spanking Classics series, from CalStar:


High-Fashion Global Warming

Is this the best mainstream spanking-oriented ad in recent advertising history? I say yes. Love the way his arm is wrapped under her tummy, her jean-shorts with her legs kicking up. Sexyhot.

The editorial team at The Cherry Red Report are just mesmerized by the rare mainstream print/magazine ads that startle and intrigue us with wonderful and erotic spankosexual themes.

These ads are the best, in my humble opinion, of the last decade or so that I am aware of — I’d be curious if any readers have any recent mainstream spanko-oriented mainstream print ads you’d recommend?

No doubt, I’ve overlooked some gems and most likely delicious ads from other countries as well, such as the “American Eagle” ad from Italian Vogue, which is my all-time favorite.

Interestingly, these 3 examples are all clothing ads and, no surprise here, all feature Very Good Looking Models spanking other Very Good Looking Models. Nothing too subtle here.

Perhaps the best example of a supermodel perfectly positioned over-the-knee in modern advertising. Imagine the closet(?) spankophile ad exec. that approved this ad campaign. Imagine being a fly on the wall during that photo shoot.

While perhaps not as iconic as the Gucci ad, this alluring and unusual image is, if I’m not mistaken, from a clothing/fashion company based in South Africa. By the way, what the heck is he spanking her with ??

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