Brat Zombies: Coming Soon To a Theatre Near You

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone! And thanks for all the awesome comments in the previous caption contest [set a new comment record…woot!]–a winner shall hereby be announced post haste.

Above is a movie poster by the Cherry Red Graphic Design Squad, as what I really want to do is direct spanky films and summer is a great time for thriller/horror blockbusters. Errm so who wants to star in “Night of the Living Brats” ? Anyone? Gonna’ need quite a large cast of bratty undead zombies. . . .

Source Photo: The source image for the movie poster above is a screenshot I captured from CherryRedMovies, which was taken from the steamy spanko film Finishing School Discipline. [Another screen grab I’m in love with from the film is directly above.]

Perv over to especially scenes 4, 5 and 6, which are must-see viewing. One of the yummiest spankees I have seen in recent memory****

*  *  *

Addendum: If there ever is an actual outbreak of brat zombies from hell, below is a mock-up of a survival kit I’m working on in my lab. While your chance of surviving an outbreak might be slim, I think this might boost your chances of making it out alive. [I also created last year a Spanking Threat Level Advisory system, which I think will be useful as well.]

*  *  *

IN OTHER NEWS: To celebrate their 1,000th video, longtime producer Firm Hand Spanking has hired 6 new gorgeous spankee’s. Holla’ ! Click below for lots of free preview vids.

Though my favorite recent update from Firm Hand is the Alison Miller scene in which she’s clad in mouth-watering skin tightttt denim jeans gettin’ the paddle. Makes me dizzy…..Click Here for a recent interview with the amazing Ms. Miller.]

alison miller paddled in skin tight jeans

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