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Exclusive Interview: Amber Pixie Wells Spanks Naughty Brats Hard — And Here’s Why

Amber Pixie Wells is gettin’ her spank on. YES! Well, I say, wonderfully spanktastic news.  You may have noticed the legendary spankee and typically cherry red-bottomed Pixie getting all Toppy and spanky in the past few months on PunishedBrats, with … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Audrey Knight On Her New Website, Red Rears, Real Tears, Blistered Butts and Loving Discipline

The unstoppable, exquisite, and hard-spanking Audrey Knight, whom I’m secretly in love with (sshhhh!), is feverishly hard at work, toiling away on a brand new site, currently under construction, called Spanking360, which will be going live soon. [You can also … Continue reading

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Amber Pixie Wells: Cured by Dr. Spankenstein?

As many of you may know, the unstoppable Amber Pixie Wells, of PunishedBrats fame, is back home and on the mend after dealing with some health issues. Thankfully, she’s back to her delightfully bratty, and pixielicious ways. [For more of … Continue reading

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The Inside Scoop on Pixie’s West Coast Spanko Tour 2009

Amber Pixie Wells is completely and totally a super person. But you already know that! Right? From her beautiful nature photography to her inspiring charity work for animal welfare to her creative and imaginative spanko work with PunishedBrats, Pixie is … Continue reading

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