Of Spanking and Anal Eroticism

The Cherry Red Report continues to be intrigued by the connection between erotic spankings and anal eroticism, as the erogenous zones are all apparently connected. Alas, it appears that many spankees are anal erotic, and that a temp-taking and/or, dare I say, a well-lubricated buttplug is something that might fit into the whole spanking kink.

What are readers thoughts on this feverishly fascinating topic??

One of my favest fantasies, in case you might be curious, is a cheeky girl lying about having a fever, in order to skip her exams and head off to the mall, all at the same maxing out her Mom’s Visa. . . .

A true classic from BadTushy.

Feverish, anyone ?

Feverish? or plain old hot-and-bothered?

Spankophiles of course have a predilection for taking temperatures in a most embarrassing position, with stinging, cherry red bottoms on display, lubricated thermometer hovering about a squirming, wriggling toasted tush.

Badtushy has some of the finest photos of such anal adventures that The Cherry Report has seen.

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