Spanko Art: When Nurses Get Punished

Kinda random bloggage, but found this luscious anime/manga-style illo floating about the Spankernets.  First thought it was a new Kami Tora, but alas, nope.  If anyone knows the artist and/or where this is from, please enlighten us. Thx! 🙂

[GOT TROUBLE?: In other news, talented author Loki Renard recently launched the aptly named Trouble Books, with an assortment of pulse-pounding, flaming fiction, including a nifty interactive “Choose Your Own (Spanking) Adventure.”  Perv over to the free samples and show Loki some love.]

Schoolgirl Georgia Gold gets spanked hard with hand and hairbrushShadow Lane vintage classic[GEORGIA, OH GEORGIA: ShadowLane recently uploaded today one of my all-time favest classic vids to CherryRedMovies.  Featuring the truly exquisite  nylon panty-clad squirming schoolgirl Georgia Gold, and also a divine Chelsea Pfeiffer, “Double Feature #1” is a VHS cassette tape(!) I remember ordering in my formative college years and was mesmerized.

Also check out other classic ShadowLane vids including the drippingly hot Tattletail and another fav: Bad Girls Get Spanked, both of which, fortunately feature lots of snug white bikini panties….yum yum.]

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***Newly updated: Find out what’s playing now at CherryRedMovies: Easy, fun, discreet!***


Bad Yuri

The folks in the art research division at The Cherry Red Report were intrigued by this recently discovered comic art sketch by Adam Warren, entitled “Bad Yuri.” Mr. Warren’s manga-inspired artistry has graced the pages of Marvel Comix and there is a detailed bio HERE at Wikipedia.

Be that as it may, we wonder: Who is Yuri and why is she packing a large handgun and delightfully self-spanking that daisy dukes-clad behind? And that belt, conveniently hanging from her leather jacket. . .:shock:

Cycling for a Spanking

I recently decided to get my ass in gear, and hit the road. So on a whim I got a brand spanking new Specialized hybrid bike, and started bike commuting to work.  While I am no Lance Armstrong, I strongly suggest you give it a shot, more so for the fitness aspect than the saving money/gas/saving the Earth part of it, which is splendid too.

But my bike is certainly quite unlike this brilliant self-spanking bicycle contraption. However, I’ll stick to my hybrid racer for now. While robotic and mechanical spanking machines are not all that unusual in the spanking kink and culture, I found this striking image interesting and intriguing.

Image Source: “Sakura Wars” anime illo seen on the massive Anime OTK art forum.

The Art of The Spank

I do love unique spanking illustrations. Below is an intriguing fantasy piece, as seen on the massive art forum, Anime OTK. by talented artist “Klauth,” who perhaps is inspired by the imagined worlds of Tolkien or The Chronicles of Narnia. This striking illustration, which reminds me a bit of Frank Frazetta, is entitled “Hunter vs. Rogue.”

I’ve never seen anything quite like this….have you?

click images to enlarge

The Anime OTK forum has heaps of art and sketches (though many are of highly questionable taste and dubious artistic merit) ranging from polished pro illustrations to truly amateur-hour scribblings. Enter at your own risk! as I do find the illo’s with underage spankee’s quite distasteful. You’ll have to mine through some detritus to find some gems. I have posted two here I am digging.

Subjects range from squirmy domestic-style art to Japanese superheroes, video game characters, manga animation stuff, anime spanking, just about everyone and anything and anyone getting their spank on.

[One professional artist, Kami Tora, who is featured on the Anime forum, was previously featured and interviewed on The Cherry Red Report blog in an older post: Cherry Red Exclusive: The Art of Kami Tora.]

Another intriguing comic illo from the Anime forum [artist unknown.]

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