Of Spankables and Their Spanktastic Socks

Kinda’ random post, but I just really dig these sizzling images. Truly spankable, to say the least.

And yet, not totally random, as I might have a little tiny fetish I never knew I had: Socks. These pix would not be as titillating and libidinous if they were sans socks. And yes, there are websites on this topic! I’ve googled!

Geez, first it’s this spanko thing. Born with that one. Then the tighttttttttttt, very tight, faded, worn denim jeans thing comes along. Then the short-shorts/daisy dukes thing, resulting in the Daisy Dukes Report, which I retired then un-retired. What’s next? There’s only so many fetishes one can cram into one’s cranium.

Anyway, socks or those yummy knee-socks on a spankable and in a spanking photo, are, well, spanktastic. Socktastic even.

Why? It just is.

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