Coming Soon: Clare Fonda’s Epic EE4 Film

Clare Fonda\'s spanking epic

THIS JUST IN: Clare Fonda recently finished shooting her annual multi-brat schoolgirl spankfest, Exclusive Education Part 4, starring Snow Mercy, Lana and Clare as the merciless brush-wielding spankos.

Clare Fonda\'s EE4 spanking film

As you can imagine, the only recess these naughties receive is a red ass. EE4 will be available on Clare’s Girl Spanks Girl site in early September.  Thusly, please stay tuned for more bloggage on this vid.

Ashli Orion spanked by Mom on Spanked SweetiesOver my knee, young lady!On Clare’s flagship Sweeties site, check out the diminutive Ashli Orion pulling off a complete brat attack, and this perky squirmer gets it good and hard from her Mom, that would be Momma Clare. Take a look at these spanking pix: Ashli’s Spanking Gallery ONE…..and Ashli’s Belt Spanking Gallery TWO.

* * *

pixie angelNEWS FROM PIXIE: The amazing Amber Pixie Wells, of PunishedBrats fame, recently announced her annual Cause for Paws charity fundraiser, which helps raise much needed money for a local animal shelter.

Please check out her blog post for the 411 on this wonderful cause. Pixie really is an angel.

[On a side note, check out Pixie’s majestic nature photography on her blog. It is exquisite.]


The Art of Fine Ass Photography

A masterful image by award-winning photographer Rodrigo Nunez…

And below, luscious fine ass…errm….fine ART photography, rather, by acclaimed photographer Petter Hegre. I have a few more amazing bottom-oriented fine art images if you want to see them on the blog, do let me know.

There are seemingly countless erotic photography sites on the Web, thankfully with lots of exquisite imagery lovingly focused on highly spankable, bodacious bottoms.

Three highly regarded commercial sites to check out and get you started are the striking Goddess, the massively popular Met Art site, and the intriguing Watch 4Beauty site. Happy viewing!

Cycling for a Spanking

I recently decided to get my ass in gear, and hit the road. So on a whim I got a brand spanking new Specialized hybrid bike, and started bike commuting to work.  While I am no Lance Armstrong, I strongly suggest you give it a shot, more so for the fitness aspect than the saving money/gas/saving the Earth part of it, which is splendid too.

But my bike is certainly quite unlike this brilliant self-spanking bicycle contraption. However, I’ll stick to my hybrid racer for now. While robotic and mechanical spanking machines are not all that unusual in the spanking kink and culture, I found this striking image interesting and intriguing.

Image Source: “Sakura Wars” anime illo seen on the massive Anime OTK art forum.

The Art of The Spank

I do love unique spanking illustrations. Below is an intriguing fantasy piece, as seen on the massive art forum, Anime OTK. by talented artist “Klauth,” who perhaps is inspired by the imagined worlds of Tolkien or The Chronicles of Narnia. This striking illustration, which reminds me a bit of Frank Frazetta, is entitled “Hunter vs. Rogue.”

I’ve never seen anything quite like this….have you?

click images to enlarge

The Anime OTK forum has heaps of art and sketches (though many are of highly questionable taste and dubious artistic merit) ranging from polished pro illustrations to truly amateur-hour scribblings. Enter at your own risk! as I do find the illo’s with underage spankee’s quite distasteful. You’ll have to mine through some detritus to find some gems. I have posted two here I am digging.

Subjects range from squirmy domestic-style art to Japanese superheroes, video game characters, manga animation stuff, anime spanking, just about everyone and anything and anyone getting their spank on.

[One professional artist, Kami Tora, who is featured on the Anime forum, was previously featured and interviewed on The Cherry Red Report blog in an older post: Cherry Red Exclusive: The Art of Kami Tora.]

Another intriguing comic illo from the Anime forum [artist unknown.]

Cherry Red Exclusive: The Spanking Art of Jean-Philippe

**A Cherry Red Exclusive: Inside the Mind and Artistry of Jean-Philippe**

The Cherry Red Report has always been fascinated by the erotic and whimsical spanking artistry of JP (Jean-Philippe.)

JP, who also has a blog featuring more of his delightfully unique red-bottomed art, chatted with CRR about his inspirations and techniques.

Where are you from JP?
I was born and I live in Belgium. I speak French.

How long have you been drawing spanking art?
I drew without stopping when I was a child. When I was a teenager, I stopped this passion because I had in mind the other ideas. And I did not become a professional drawer. I rediscovered this hobby later during a long period of immobility.

What inspires you to draw? Where do you get your ideas?

I find my inspiration in my fascination for the femininity. I like representing women in all the range of feelings. I am also fascinated by the eroticism of the feminine body and by the buttocks especially.

The spanking thus became my subject of preference. My ideas come from everywhere, according to the atmosphere which I want to represent.

Are there other artists that influence and inspire you?

Certainly! but I have not a precise name. I do not look to redo the same thing as another artist. But I am a big fan of comic classic or underground — I love all form of drawings!

Your art also looks very fun and also sexy and erotic.

Yes. I believe that I draw the spanking in this way to make it more accessible, more understandable by everybody. Not only for the lovers of the spanking, but even my cute neighbour girl could look a them without being afraid!

Then for me, the spanking it is an act specifically of love but without sadism. And I hate any forms of violence.

Your art is focused primarily on female spanking females?
Yes, I like drawing femininity in all its forms. The drawing allows me to linger over details which are precious to me. The spanking involving M/f leaves me indifferent except when it is me the spanker.

Do you prefer to draw in color? or in black-and-white as your primary palette?

The color is new for me. I like the black and white drawings. Now with the color, I give a second life to my drawings and artwork.

Have you considered publishing a book of your wonderful artwork?

No. But why not? Due to having interviews, maybe I am going to have a editors in front of my door? 🙂 I have never wanted to make money with my drawings. On the other hand, I would like to make small exhibitions all around the world to have the luck to meet all the cultures which enjoy my art. I like the Web but on the Internet, it is an impossible thing to see the smiles and the eyes that shine in front of my drawings.

Thank you very much for your time JP, and keep up the wonderful artistry.

I hope to have answered in best! And I wish delicious moments of life to the readers of The Cherry Red Report!

*  *  *

Punish Lesson: Of Spanking and Pulp Fiction

I wonder if there are any spanko scenes in these classic pulp fiction books? Boasting some titillating artwork and come-hither femme fatales on the lurid covers, here are a few books for bibliophiles and pulp art lovers, that are just asking, begging for a spanking scene or two.

There are zillions of dime-store novels out there, with similar themes of spoiled, sex-obsessed sorority sisters gone bad, evil gun-toting dames, tawdry sinful nurses, marijuana-smoking lesbians from hell, etc. Pretty collectible, if you dig this sort of sleaze. However, I would never read such nonsense. Naturally, I would not demean myself by reading such naughty, trashy, sexy, hot, subversive, perverted, erotic material. . .

Beautiful art by the acclaimed illustrator Robert McGinnis.
Artist unknown. What a title! Love the tag-line…

The only pulp fiction cover art, that I’m aware of, which depicts an actual spanking. Art by the famed illustrator Paul Rader. Classic.

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